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UK Lie Detector Test test are one of the leading companies that offer polygraph Lie detection services. The UK Lie Detector Test are based in the UK where they operate with highly trained professional lie detectors who will handle your case exceptionally for accurate results.

The Professionals at UK Lie Detector Test can carry on lie detectors test from different backgrounds like commercial, situational or personal levels as they have experience of over a decade dealing with such cases. With the UK lie detector test, you will get the best services in this field.

Meet the Examiners

Russ Laikin

Runs a polygraph company in London. Trained in California and worked carrying out polygraph examinations in California before coming back to England.

A member of the American Polygraph Association(APA) and the California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE). Also a member of the British & European Polygraph Association. (BEPA).

Qualified to carry out examinations on sex offenders through the Post Conviction Sexual Offenders Testing (PCSOT) in California and has been involved in the management of offenders for treatment providers in California, where they have been leaders in such testing.

Craig Goodvin

Acted as the head polygraph examiner during tenure in role with Stellen Solutions (http://stellensolutions.com/polygraph-services/) spearheaded drug influence investigations, often testifying as an expert witness with Oxnard PD.

Worked as a highly engaging and effective Instructor for the Oxnard PD and worked as a member of the Crime Scene Investigation team for Oxnard PD.

Josh Klinge

CEO Klinge to the Truth LLC: polygraph examiner (http://salempolygraph.com/). Experienced ex-Police Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry.

Skilled in interviewing, truth verification, public speaking, and interrogating if needed. Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

UK Lie Detector Test Offer The Following Services:

Employment Screening

This is the process by which an employer seeks services that scrutinize prospective employees whom are investigated in order to verify qualifications and determine whether they are qualified or are an appropriate match for the work. Screening employees is very beneficial to the employer as they get to know the people they are entrusting their work with. The UK Lie detector test offers expert services that help your firm get the best employees who can handle the job. The UK lie detector helps to determine if the employee is actually the best fit for the position through various ways.

Sexual Offender Testing

Sex crime suspects have had a way of getting away with their bad practices but the lie detector test helps determine whether the suspect is saying the truth or is lying. Sex offences may be in form of child molestation, sexual assault, exploiting a minor sexually, sell or buy of children among other sexual offences. UK lie detector has a well connected channel of organizations which they work hand-in-hand to tackle sex crimes testing. These are the Local community, therapists and authorities whom together they work in order to change the character of the convicted sexual offenders.

Commercial Investigation

People in business from time-to-time acquire investigation services for one reason or another. Commercial investigation may be about fraud, theft or assault cases which may require expert analysis to determine the real cause or identify the people involved in such cases. The UK Lie detector test can work in conjunction with your firm to aid in different commercial activities. With the skilled professionals at the UK lie detector test, they will work together with your firm and provide the results that you are looking for with their great services which can improve the overall performance of your company.

False Insurance Claims

Insurance firms sometimes cover claims which are based on deceit from their clients. This happens because the Insurance firm may not have enough evidence to prove against the client’s claims hence they end up compensating them without knowing the truth behind the real occurrence. Insurance firms should embrace the polygraph examination which may help determine whether the client is stating the truth or just wants the insurance to cover a claim which wasn’t insured for. UK Lie detector is in a position to help Insurance firms to uncover the truth from their clients through the lie detector test.

Private Investigation & Theft

private investigation is being embraced by many people for both commercial and personal reasons. The investigation may be about theft, scammers or fraud and even on theft cases. A person may need to find out who the real culprit may be on the job, it may concern a feud in a relationship where one part suspects another or things may be getting lost mysteriously in the office and therefore, a need to find out the thief. The UK lie detectors have experts and machines that can help you solve this problem with much ease by seeking out their lie detector services.

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