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For you to acquire the lucrative and very helpful services of a lie detector, you have to incur some costs which vary with the various factors that should be considered. The lie detector test cost is charged differently depending on the type of case to be tested, length of period that the test will take and the complexity of the case, among other factors.

Depending on the firm identified to carry out the test, different lie detector companies charge differently as their performance is also different. But for a better polygraph test with accurate results, a person should hire a lie detector test company with more advanced lie detector machines and personnel. The cost shouldn’t be of much worry as the results are very important which may save a great deal be it of your case in court, fraud, assault cases or identify business shortcomings. Hire the best lie detector test, with prices starting from £395 + vat, and receive the best services that will provide you with the truth.

Factors to determine while looking at the cost of test:

Length of the test

The cost of the lie detector cost varies drastically from one person to another. Some test may consume a lot more time than others as they may require a lot of attention. Also tests that take longer may require the examiner to ask a great deal of questions before they amass all the required information. The polygraph tests that take longer periods to be completed also tend to cost more as the examiner takes more time on the suspects in question to receive the required results. The shorter the test in some cases the cheaper it becomes while the longer the test the more expensive it is charged.

Nature of the test

Some of the lie detector test are more vigorous than others. For example: assaults and criminal cases are more complicated than other cases which imply that their charges may be a bit higher than the other test. Vigorous cases also involve a lot of risking on the part of the test examiners as they deal with criminals who are dangerous and may harm them. Thus, to acquire truth from such people becomes a bit hectic leading to higher charges on such scenarios. A lie detector test should be done with expertises that are well positioned to determine the truth about the outcome of the test.

Home test or office test

The venue of conducting the test is also considered while calculating the cost of a lie detector test. Since, lie detector companies sometimes hires a place to conduct the test from where it can be easy for you to access, they end up charging differently. For example, tests that are done in your office or at home tend to be cheaper than test that are conducted in a rented room or at the lie detectors premises. Home test or office tests are affordable and more appealing as the person being questioned in most cases is at ease in the place where the incidences being asked occurred in their presence.

Number of tests being done

Cases vary from one to another. Different cases may take a different channel in the way they are determined, this is so because some cases cannot give accurate results with just one test. They may require a series of different test to be done for the expert to combine and come up with the real happenings and truth. The charges will therefore vary as every test may have its own cost which may be high or low depending on its nature. A lie detector test is very important in fraud and theft cases and therefore, a person should not be swayed away from obtaining such services on ground of their cost.

Complications in the case

Some cases are more diverse than others, hence; end up costing more for you to obtain their services. Complicated cases involve a lot of work and time before the lie detector professional come to the root cause of such cases. This ends up eating the team’s time and resources which makes the cost or charges for this service to be a bit expensive. A polygraph test saves you a great deal of resources or risks involved and refraining from taking a test on grounds of being costly may just end up leading to your firm to lose more if the problems are not eliminated in good time.


Just like in every other business that makes profit and loss, in the lie detector test there are discounts offered after seeking particular services. Discounts in lie detection industry are provided on grounds such as taking various tests during a particular period of time, number of people that you conduct the test on and your frequency of enrolling the tests over a certain period of time. The polygraph test when used repeatedly with a particular firm, they may be able to get a discount due to continued usage of certain lie detector services provided. Get down and solve your case by hiring a UK lie detector test to get the truth instantly.

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