The Employment Screening Process

The end game of every employment process is to hire competent people that are fit for the role in all regards. Employers use different techniques to arrive at their recruitment decisions. More than ever are checking out Social Media as a critical part of their recruitment strategy. In sensitive roles it is sometimes important to go the extra mile in the process, and employ comprehensive vetting and background checks.

What Are The Benefits of the Screening Process?

Improved Workplace Safety and Security

With a proper employment screening process employers significantly reduce the possibility of volatility in the workplace in the future. Proper screening can highlight previous behavioural displays that could pose a threat later. Workplaces safety is crucial for the culture of a company; lie detections test can help ensure people don’t hide a dishonest or violent past.

Protection Against Future Legal Risks

If a court case related to the conduct of one of your employees arises in the future, it is possible to avoid fines and any legal action if you can prove that you did a comprehensive background check on employees. Your due diligence can mitigate against future risks.

Companies often neglect employment screening. How far a company goes in their screening process is driven by the risks they perceive in their business. It is important for companies to run a risk audit to ascertain what could cause serious problems. This risk audit will help establish the personnel within the company that need the closest scrutiny.

Reduction in Employee Turnover

With lie detection in employment screening there can be a dramatic reduction in the turnover of employees. With proper knowledge of a new hire the chances of making the wrong hiring decision will be greatly reduced.

Substance Abuse Detection

Screening for substance abuse can dramatically reduce problems in the workplace, such as violence, low productivity, embezzlement, attitudinal problems, tardiness, absenteeism, and so on. In certain professions drugs can be a catastrophic.

Trusting a potential employee to honestly divulge a habit is not always a wise choice. This is why many businesses use lie detectors to determine if there has been any deception during the screening process.

Polygraph examiners use lie detectors to ensure that the big question are answered truthfully.

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