How To Tell If Someone If Lying

Want to know when someone is lying? Here are tell-signs you should watch out for.

  • Rapid changes of head position
  • Changes in breathing pattern
  • Conscious attempts to stand or sit very still
  • Repetition of words and phrases
  • Divulging of too much information
  • Touching or covering of the nose and mouth
  • Instinctive covering of body parts such as the throat, chest, head abdomen etc.
  • Shuffling of the feet
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Staring without blinking
  • Excessive finger pointing at the questioner

The above are all common signs that someone isn’t being completely honest with you. However, these actions can be done innocently. This is why a lie detector test is still the best way to determine honesty, especially when the stakes are high. A lie detector in the hands of a trained examiner is a great way to dig deeper into important questions that need to be answered.