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10 Points To Consider Before Taking A Lie Detector Test In Locationname

1. What Does A Lie Detector Test In Locationname Do?

The process of detecting deception in London and other parts of the UK is called a Lie Detector Test or Polygraph Test. A tool known as Polygraph is used to measure and record physical answers to a sequence of questions. Located in London, UK Lie Detector Test in London have professional and accredited Polygraph testers which are amongst the best in Greater London.

2. How Does A Lie Detector Test Work?

Body reactions that are tested are blood pressure, heart beat rate, breathing rate and sweating. The reasoning behind using this method is because the polygraph instrument will produce physiological responses of different types of answers that are deceptive and those that are not. A knowledgeable examiner from UK Lie Detector test in London will offer an understanding in the exam results supplied at the end of the Lie Detector test.

3. Are These Tests Reliable In Locationname?

Once an accredited and completely skilled Lie Detector Tester performs a Lie Detector Test, the correctness of the exam could be within a top standing pf 95 per cent and 97 per cent.

4. How Much Does It Cost In Locationname For A Lie Detector Test?

A UK Lie Detector Test in London Polygraph exam can cost as little as £395.00 inc VAT depending on your location within the UK. Other considerations can affect the charges, and these include the nature of the case, the exam location and if multiple group Lie Detector Tests are needed.

What Kind Of Questions Are Used?

Every question is discussed with the person being tested when a pre-test interview is conducted prior to the Lie Detector Test starts in London. There are no trick questions only questions about the Lie Detector Test situation. UK Lie Detector Test in London will never inquire personal, imprudent or intrusive questions and no accredited expert examiner ought to do as such.

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How Are Questions Formulated For The Lie Detector Tests?

Amid a Lie Detector Test the client will be asked three sorts of interrogations by the UK Lie Detector Test in London examiner. To make a comparison between the answers to simple questions the Lie Detector Test examiner will ask irrelevant questions which together will form the baseline. The unrelated questions are not instantly connected to the situation or event and are modelled to lure the examinee to lie Relevant questions are about the case and are compared with both the Comparison and Irrelevant questions.

7. The Pre-test Interview

The pre-test interview occurs before the Lie Detector Test starts and involves the UK Lie Detector Test in London examiner getting to know the subject a little better. The main reason for the pre-testing is to help the person conducting the test to better understand the subject so that they can perform a better job of testing. This time is also used by the examiner to review the test questions and interviewee prior to the Detector Test

8. Outcome And Remarks

Once analysis is complete results are supplied the same day by the UK Lie Detector Test in London examiner in London. The result of the polygraph is presented face to face to the subject as well as in a report form which is sent to their address in London.

9. Is There A Age Restriction For Persons Taking A Polygraph Test In Locationname?

It is known that someone must be 14 years old person or older than that as a limit to have a lie detector test. The age limit is seriously adhered to by UK Lie Detector Test in London and a subject who is below 18 years must obtain parental or guardian approval

10. History

In 1906, the Lie Detector Test was created by a British heart Surgeon, James McKenzie It has the ability to measure and keep the information of any difference and changes in a faster heartbeat and increased sweating as the instrument for the method. John Augustus Larson, an American law enforcer was able to come up with a better version of the said machine that was used in forensic investigations in 1921. The smoke paper was an important component of John's Polygraph Test but it's accuracy was deficient prompting Leonard Keeler to use an ink pen in its stead in 1925. Then, in 1938 Keeler made more improvements to the instrument by including another component for measuring the galvanic skin resistance. As the years went by, the Lie Detector Test saw further changes such as the questioning technique put forward by John Reid in 1947. At last, the Lie Detector Test Device was computerised during 1992 following numerous years of testing with techniques to make it better.

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What Is The Cost Of Engaging In A Lie Detector Test In Locationname?

Is It Cheaper If I Have 1 Question?

UK Lie Detector Polygraph Test cost is not based on the number of questions asked during the test. By asking excessively numerous inquiries one may not arrive at an conclusion and yet a similar exam process may be attempted with a single inquiry . A Lie Detector Test should just be accomplished for one issue and every inquiry should only be related to that issue.

Why Is A Non Refundable Deposit Mandatory?

UK Lie Detector Test in London in London takes a non refundable fund during the booking a Lie Detector Test. The deposit is to cover costs of expenses including travel around the UK and the venue, if applicable. The way that the examinee has focused on a non-refundable deposit additionally implies that they are more dedicated to taking the Lie Detector Test.

What Is The Cost If A Lie Detector Exam When Handling Concerns Regarding Trust Within A Relationship?

Lack of trust and blame are some of the results of a relationship gone sour. A lie detector test or a polygraph test is the best option for finding out whether you can trust your partner again. Relationship issues can be complicated and you may both wish to undergo a UK Lie Detector Test in London Polygraph exam if there is more than one issue. £395 inc VAT is the base Lie Detector Test price inclusive of VAT but the price varies depending on location in the UK plus the number of tests. For instance you may want to take a UK Lie Detector Test in London in your own home in Barnes yet need your partner to take their test in Barking. In this case, additional cost is caused by the UK Lie Detector Test in London examiner travel from one address to another in Greater London.

What Is The Cost Of A Polygraph Test For Theft?

Whether there's a theft at your home located in Barnet or in your Battersea-based office, it can cause much stress, besides financial loss. The best and the most effective way of finding out the culprit in Greater London is taking control with a UK Lie Detector Test in London Polygraph exam. The costs of the exam can differ depending on the number of suspects you want to take the lie detector test and your location in Greater London. A Theft Lie Detector Test start at £395 inc VAT and include testing and questioning strategies that will suit both individual and business clients located in the UK.

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Choosing A Reputable Lie Detection Company

There Are Many Reputable Lie Detector Companies Who Can Provide The Best Possible Service To You In Locationname

When hiring a Polygraph company in London, there are specific points that you should look out for. Do they concentrate on their clients, are their processes transparent and do their examiners have accreditation? Can the company provide residential tests, countrywide controlled offices, and secret locations for the Polygraph Test? Through a quick, simple, and confidential reservation procedure polygraph exam assessors provided by UK Lie Detector Test in London could form your exam in just a short time through 0800 061 4592. Getting the services from an expert Lie Detector Test is world's apart from what you get on the Jeremy Kyle Show. While it is true that Lie Detector Tests have become all the more popular thanks to this show, nevertheless the best way to tackle personal problems privately is through UK Lie Detector Test in London. UK Lie Detector Test in London gives an expert and attentive Lie Detector Test at a more comfortable premise such as your home whether in Acton or Beckenham.

Lie Detector Tests, Accurate Results

Precision And The Level Of Questioning

By proof from investigation, it is implied that polygraph exams are a favourable means of finding out deceit and could give an attainable precision of 98 per cent. There are still margins of error, though, while begs the question about how to beat a Lie Detector Test with physiological countermeasures.

Can Nerves Make Me Look Guilty When I Am Not?

Nerves will not affect the Lie Detector Test as if you are nervous at the beginning of the exam you will be nervous throughout the test. Replies to questions and examination techniques of certain questions will still display the contrast of replying genuinely and falsely. The London Lie Detector Test examiner also helps you in getting more settled and relaxed as you prepare for the test itself.

The Control Question Test And The Guilty Knowledge Test

UK Lie Detector Test in London professionals use the Control Question Test to determine the subject's physiological baseline. To create the differences between relevant questions to the particular event or incident, then it will utilize the control questions with known answers. Bigger physical reaction is exhibited in answering control question honestly in comparison to smaller reaction if the interviewee is telling a lie during the examination. The Guilty Knowledge Test is when a multiple choice setup of one correct answer and additional answers are asked to record the physiological response. The controls are the wrong answers and the more prominent physiological reaction ought to be the right answer. UK Lie Detector Test in London examiners employ this method to discover information that leads to make conclusions during the outcome analysis.


In a UK Lie Detector Test in London lie detector exam, a polygraph device is utilised to discover involuntary responses. Autonomic responses are body functions that are not simply controlled by the conscious mind. Movement of the muscles, capillary dilation, blood pressure, respiration rate, heart rate, and skin conductivity are some of such body reactions. The subject is fitted with the right gears to measure blood pressure, breathing and skin behaviour connected to the Lie Detector Test machine. The truthfulness is measured in case the examinee's autonomic reactions are higher when answering control questions in contrast to important questions. A significant change in reaction during Lie Detector test suggests the person is deliberately lying in the process. If the answers to the questions does not vary, then the Lie Detector Test is not conclusive.

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Cognitive Polygraph

Lie detection including cognitive load is a recent approach that is designed to draw out higher mental effort in liar's than truth tellers. The cognitive load and polygraph based questioning are a lot different from one another. Polygraph based questioning depends on mental arousal to check dishonesty. Heightening of indices cognitive polygraph uses cognitive load as the primary cues.


One of the best eye-trackers is one that records the movement of both eyes at the same time. The subtle changes in the eye are measured in Eye-tracking for lie detection with the help of an infrared camera to detect deception.

Voice Stress Analysis

Variations in the intensity, frequency, and pitch in the voice are detected in voice analysis that are considered as the lying cues. This strategy can be employed over the phone.

Brain Observations

The functional magnetic resonance imaging does not only show the amount of the oxygen that our brain consumes but it also shows the amount of oxygen that is used by different parts of the brain. In the bid to fish out the lie from the origin, this method of lie detection has been proven to be effective.

Non-verbal Queues

A high speed camera is used to monitor the uncontrollable and tiny expressions on the face. The truth or a false statement can be discovered through countenance since they are tough to conceal and control.


Truth drugs such as cannabis, ethanol and sodium thiopental have been utilised historically to get info from people without their consent. There are different types of substances that have been tested and there is currently no drug proven to enhance truth-telling.

What Are The Facts Behind The 98% Precision Claims?

There are four main factors through which UK Lie Detector Test in London operate. We only use the experienced and authorized Lie Detector Test examiners. Only the latest and high-quality Polygraph testing equipment is utilised. UK Lie Detector Test in London Lie Detector Tests are carried out in settings without interruption or interference for maximum result outcomes. All examinee's undergo pre-examination assessment in which they are provided with terms and conditions of the UK Lie Detector Test in London Polygraph exam.

What Is The Accuracy Level Of The Polygraph Test From UK Lie Detector Test in London?

UK Lie Detector Test in London exceedingly experienced, completely trained and licensed Polygraph analysts utilizing best in art modern polygraph equipment in the right climate can accomplish test results of 95% to 98% accuracy.

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Is A Lie Detector Test Admissible In Court?

In What Cases Should A Polygraph Be Used?

Polygraph Lie Detector Tests are not usable in court in the UK but are still very helpful for private and corporate customers In and around the UK. Lie Detector Test during Pre- Employment Screening gives a decent sign of how dependable the candidate is particularly when working with grouped or sensitive information. By having a help of a UK Lie Detector Test in London Polygraph exam, then it can deal with the case of Fraud or theft investigations quickly. Sexual Offence Polygraph Testing is best carried out after accused is sentenced to determine whether or not the person is prepared to enter normal life in Greater London. A Polygraph test can ascertain any risk posed by employees whose job requires handling huge amounts of money.

What Does The UK Lie Detector Test in London Lie Detector Test Measure?

How Does A Lie Detector Work?

A Lie Detector/Polygraph Test calculates physiological reactions when a person is asked and responds to a set of questions. Physical indications involve heart rate, breathing, skin conductivity, and blood pressure.

Do Lie Detector Tests Hurt?

It won't hurt, though, you could experience a degree of discomfort caused by the inflated blood pressure cuff that's on your arm.

Why Does The Process Take Long?

There are more to the UK Lie Detector Test in London Polygraph exam than the Polygraph instrument, so a Lie Detector Test usually takes between one to two hours. To ensure the UK Lie Detector Test in London interviewer is equipped with sufficient information about the subject and his circumstance, a pre-test phase is incorporated into the exercise. Any inquiries to be proposed will be talked in depth with you to ensure they are precise, closed questions and to assist the test. The exam itself may differ in length based on your situations

Would I Need To Stay Behind For The Outcomes?

Once the Lie Detector Test is completed, outcomes are verbally provided and the UK Lie Detector Test in London analyst be accessible to you to talk about the test. The interviewee gets all examination information together with transcripts, charts and video recordings used in the final result outcome report analysis.

How Can I Schedule A Lie Detector Test In The UK?

The booking process for UK Lie Detector Test in London in London is quick, easy, and discreet. At the booking level, you will be asked to make a non - refundable fee of £300, and you will get the confirmation of your appointment in London.

Lie Detector Test In The Locationname Area

Organise your free consultation with one of our dedicated employees and book your Lie Detector Test right away. There are no restrictions on where the Lie Detector Test can take place within the country. Battersea, Acton, Beckenham, Barnes, Barnet, and Barking in Greater London are just few of the many locations that we cover in the UK. Pick your phone and contact our team at UK Lie Detector Test in London on 0800 061 4592 or contact us via email by writing to us at [email protected].

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