When a lie detector test is being conducted, several methods and equipments are used by private investigators to determine whether the person being interrogated is saying the truth or not. Some of the accuracy tests carried out is on the galvanic skin response which is measured by use of electrodes to determine a certain skin response.


Lie Detection Test Accuracy

Also, the accuracy of a lie detection test can be determined by testing on the respiration or breathing rate of the person undertaking the test. When there is a rapid breathing rate, the suspect is considered to be more attached to the question being asked unlike when the breathing remains normal which implies the suspect to lack knowledge of question being asked.

A private investigator will always try their best to conduct a polygraph and get accurate results. Different tests are conducted to obtain different outcomes. A pulse or heart rate or blood pressure test is conducted on the person being interrogated as they note down different outcomes on a polygraph graph to determine accuracy.

Private investigators have a duty to meet and satisfy their customer needs by providing them with accurate lie detection test results. Some find a way to lie during the polygraph test but with the experience of the Private investigators and examiners, other factors such as stress measures can be observed to determine some truth during interrogations.


Reliability Lie Detector Test

Also, lie detector test accuracy can be determined on different grounds. The reliability of a lie detector test can further be defined by physiological responses which are all studied by the private examiner when the test is being done. The response may be on the skin, pulse or through respiration of the body.

Polygraph test are conducted to find out the truth and obtain accurate results. The private investigators take their profession seriously and try very hard to provide their clients with the best services that they can offer. Biological reactions are also used to know if the person being interrogated is saying the truth or not.

Polygraph tests can sometimes be difficult to be determined especially when the person being interrogated is very nervous. Sometimes, people try to lie to a polygraph test by giving results that are not are accurate as they have a knowledge of how the test works. A good private investigator should be in a position to identify such tricks in order to get accurate results.

A polygraph test may seem to be accurate when the results are obtained by a private investigator after an interrogation. But some people have found different ways of beating it though they haven’t been perfect at it. Some physiological responses cannot be changed if they really happened and the response in most cases will give positive results.


Conducting Polygraph Test

When conducting the polygraph test, the private investigators are faced with some pros and cons which they have to tackle. One of the major setbacks is by identifying when a person cheats on a polygraph test and asking the right questions which can provide a lead into the case being interrogated.

A professional private investigator should be in a position to provide good and accurate services to the customers. Since, many suspects have become wiser and try to outwit the polygraph test, the private examiners always find ways to use more advanced equipments and methods to enable the test to provide more accurate results.