Polygraph tests are used to get information from a person in regards to a certain case that is being solved. It is a 2 hour test that comprises of several phases before the actual results can be obtained. The interviewee is always notified of the

nature of questions during the pretest stage so that they can prepare themselves well for the test. The private detectives always create a conducive environment for the test so that the results are not affected in any way.


Purchasing Lie Detector Test

People can always get their own lie detector test from us or even from the police departments. However, it requires the skills and expertise of a well-trained private detective to analyze the results from the lie detector test. The polygraphs can be used for home purposes but with the supervision of qualified personnel. Our private detectives always install the lie detectors for the clients that buy it for home purposes. We also offer consultative services to our clients.


Where Should Lie Detector Test Be Carried Out?

We always advise that we offer the services from our offices. However, we are very flexible in the sense that we can carry the polygraph to the convenient place of the clients choosing. We have also taken the test from regions outside UK. Our private detectives are always willing to go to different places to offer the test in order to get crucial information regarding different cases.


How Effective Is The Lie Detector Test?

The results from the polygraph tests have been found to be more than 90% accurate and that is one of the reasons that the machines are still being used in administering justice. It requires the skills of a qualified private detective to analyze the results for the client. Our private detectives have undergone training in the use of the polygraphs thus always deliver the best results after the test.


How Much Does It Cost To Get A Lie Detector Test?

The tests usually take two hours to be complete and we always charge a fixed rate. Our detectives consult with the clients and give them the invoice for the whole test before we can start it. Our prices are very affordable and we never compromise on the quality we offer. Clients from all over UK and from the rest of the world are always seeking our services.


Components Purchased When Looking For A Lie Detector?

There are different components that are contained in the lie detector and must be available for the machine to be operational. The Pneumograph tubes are connected on the chest and the abdomen to record the breathing rates in the subject. There are is also the Galvanic Skin Response GSR which is placed on the finger plates to measure the fingers resistance.

Whenever you seek to purchase a lie detector, make sure that you get one from our professional detectives who will also guide you on how to use it and analyze the results.