It is said an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Crime rates are increasing day by day. And most of the crime starts from a lie. If we do not tell lies, we can easily commit less crimes. Whenever, a criminal is arrested, it is important to prove him as a criminal. For that reason we need pure statements from him. We need a lie detector to detect if he is giving any false statement or not. For this you can easily consult our Private Investigator.     


A Machine That Can Detect Lies

The lie detector test is usually a test by polygraph machine that can detect lies. Commonly used in crime investigations, this mechanical device actually measures nervous excitement. It operates on the premise that if a person is telling the truth they will remain calm.

Scientifically, it is known that when a person is telling lies, usually he is seemed to be nervous, even though he does not show any physical symptom, internally his nerves become hyper. Beside an investigation in a crime scene, it can also be used anywhere. For home use, you need an expert to consult, and here we are with our Private Investigator to help you.

In recent pasts, lie detection was done with an old technique of trial by ordeal. A suspected witch was thrown into a raging river on the premise that if she floated she was harnessing demonic power. But a suspect who passed the test had a reasonably high probability of drowning that was at least preferable to getting burned at the stake as a witch.

This lie detector flourished with modern technology can be called an alternate to that old technique of detecting lies. But with this detector, no one dies of a polygraph test, of course, the results are mostly inadmissible in courts of law. But not everyone can handle this machine. For this you can contact us to have a Private Investigator.


In Ancient Arab

there was an interesting method of detecting lies. A heated knife or blade was pressed to the tongue of a suspect. If he or she was telling the truth, his or her tongue would not get burned. The idea is that when people are nervously excited, their mouth becomes dry because of nervousness. And as a result it suppresses the salivation. In principle, the lie detection system according to a polygraph test is as same. A lie detector detects the pulse of a suspect, if the individual is regular or irregular while he or she is talking.

There is a controversy about the results of a lie detector. It is said that there is a 50-50 chance to call an honest person a liar. It all depends on the machine. If it finds a person nervous even if he or she is telling the truth, it will show him as a liar. But in most cases, a truthful person never get nervous while getting investigated. So, if you want to have a lie detector for the people around you, you may get one. You can consult our Private Investigator for the help required regarding this magical machine.