A gentle man was once accused by a person on a death bed for shooting him, while he was working late in his small general store that he managed. The assailant was said to have had his face covered disappeared from the scene of crime almost immediately. With this information on the hands of the police, the accused house’ was surrounded; he was apprehended and was charged with the murder of the person who was accusing him. Apparently when all these was going on, the accused was not at anyone point disturbed, as a matter of fact he was expecting the private investigators to get the culprit and have the police release him because he had no intentions of hiring a lawyer. This simply explains the fact the he was innocent.


Undergo Two Polygraph Tests

The accused agreed to undergo two polygraph tests in exchange of his freedom. The county prosecutor promised him that he would drop the charges levelled against him if he was to undergo the test. Unfortunately this was not to be. He was found to be guilty of murder because the test proved that he was falsifying his innocence. He spent two and a half years in jail as a result of the polygraph test results and the circumstantial evidence then. While in prison, he made up his mind to carry out a research on the polygraph and how credible it was. He sent his results to several experts who in turn responded with very different and outrageous results. While still in prison he came up with exercise of training his fellow inmates to prove that one could actually fool a lie detector. The results were that 23 out of the 27 trained inmates managed to fool the polygraph machines.


Fool The Polygraph Machine

The polygraph machine usually picks up the different reaction levels that a person is believed to produce when they are stress when answering the control questions set by private investigators. For this reason people who fool the polygraph machine tend to have the same levels of reaction record by maintaining high reaction levels. As a result no much difference is recorded during the test. The polygraph as indicated by both The British Psychological Society and the National Research Council in the US, has a 85% accuracy when used on people that are guilty. This is not the same though with the innocent people because the results given are slightly above 50%.


Polygraph Machine On Sex Offenders

The Hertfordshire police on the other hand announced that they wanted to try the polygraph machine on sex offenders. This is because of the fact that these offenders give information that is more risk-relevant when they are wire on a polygraph machine, which is different from when they are undergoing a standard police interview. One of the factors that contribute to the success of fooling a lie detector is the use of fake polygraph machines that has been on the rise. This proves that polygraph tests can be used to determine the truth in a case. It is therefore important for the enforcement and the private investigators to use proper equipment for credible results.