Lie detectors have become one of the major cores and strategies in the fight for crime and other major vices facing society. Private detectors are employing the use of the polygraphs to gather as much evidence as possible so as to effectively handle a case. It works on the concept of measuring the veracity of a person by checking the changes in their psychological mechanisms such as respiratory rate, skin conductivity and the blood pressure. Most organisations are also using the services of our

private detectors to curb corruption and also during employee vetting processes using the polygraph. These tests have proven to be credible thus the increased practise of it.

Biological Reaction

Are lie detectors reliable? The reliability of the lie detector tests all lies with the measured variables (mentioned above) in the subject. The depth of respiration are measured by anemographs which are usually wrapped on the chest of the subject. In the case of skin conductivity, electrodes are attached on the fingertips because this is the point where rapid changes occur when nervous leading to sweating. There are other physiological indicators that are being studies to see if they can act as deception responses. These indicators include skin temperature and the cardiac output. The brain function has also been found to be one of the most reliable deceptive indicators.

How Effective Is A Lie Detector Test?

Our highly professional private investigators have vast experience and expertise of using the lie detectors and administering the test to people. The effectiveness of the test also depends on the approach the private investigator takes, for instance, there are several questioning techniques that are used. One of the mostly used techniques is the control questions technique. These types of questions are usually broad and they tend to directly point out the misdeeds of a person. Our private detectors make sure that they offer the best service in terms of the analysis of the whole process so that the results can be reliable and effective for the intended objective.

What Are The Error Margins?

Are lie detectors accurate? This is a question that many clientele seek to understand whenever they need our lie detector services. With the level of professionalism and competence of our private detectives, the use of the polygraphs has proven to be accurate and reliable. Studies even show that the accuracy of a polygraph test ranges from 75-98%. This level of accuracy is very high and can be utilised in solving many miseries that surround business, courts and other organisations in society. Our private detectives have undergone the highest level of training and always try to minimise the percentage of errors when using the machines to solve a case.

Pros And Cons

There are some challenges and controversies that have been facing the use of the lie detectors. Some have argued that over the years as the polygraphs have continued being used, subjects have devised a way to beat them. Well, this is one of the challenges that the mechanism faces although our private detectives not only look at the outcome of the results from the machine, but also how the subject handles themselves during the actual test. We have our investigators trained in the best way to deal with the psychology of people and can thus, with the help of the polygraphs, deduce whether someone is lying or not.

Do People Cheat In The Polygraph Tests?

There has been concerns over the validity of the results obtained from the lie detector tests. Some people are known to beat the test and this has really put in doubt the use of the polygraphs. However, as said earlier, our private detectives have developed a mechanism through which they nail a suspect when still using the machines. The lie detectors are effective and reliable and our private detectives are more than qualified to help you solve all the crimes using the detectors.