Otherwise referred to as lie detector tests, polygraph tests are seldom admissible in many courts. Well, as you may understand, telling lies is very stressful and in order to determine deception, a polygraph machine is used to measure and record the amount of stress in an individual during examination.

The reason why lie detectors are popularly referred to polygraphs is that they are used to measure a number of bodily reactions including galvanic skin reactions, pulse and breathing. The results are then re recorded on a graph paper for analysis. In this case, the printout indicates the exact time the physiological reactions occurred during examination. If a higher bodily reaction coincides with the specific questions indicated on the graph paper – questions likely to implicate the subject as having been involved in a certain criminal act – it indicates stress. Once stress is presumed, another presumption is reached – thus, deception.


Are Polygraph Tests Accurate?

As it were, many people tend to doubt the authenticity of lie detectors; however, it requires a highly professional private investigator to determine if a person is telling the truth or not. We happen to be a company that base our results on a number factors which ensure that the final verdict is fool-proof. We are aware of the fact that even the innocent can get intimidated by the mere thought of being subjected to a polygraph test. We employ various techniques that enable us get over this problem.

Before getting deep in to the matter – were you at the scene? Were you involved? Do you have any idea of what transpired?- Our private investigator will first of all take you to task on various questions, with some being neutral while others are specifically designed to arouse some sort of discomfort basing on circumstances at hand.

All the bodily reactions to these questions are carefully labelled. Finally when time comes for the examiner to embark on the key questions, the reactions to this type of questions are measured and then compared to the responses in the previous drilling of the neutral and control test questions. It is true that there exist errors, but to say the least, a number of scientific studies have shown that polygraph test can produce up to 90% accurate results.


Can One Fool A Polygraph?

We understand the fact that many people do wonder why polygraph tests are not admissible in courts. What you must understand is that these machines depend on human beings and since humans can sometimes prove t be very cunning there is need to consider a number of things before using the results in courts.

There are cases where one may find himself/herself in a fix just because the examiner did not do his/her job properly. It is for this and other reasons that many courts feel reluctant to use polygraph test findings as evidence against individuals. However, believe me not, this is still one of the most reliable method to acquire information from suspect and by the time you try it yourself, you will definitely concur with us!