Polygraphs have been used for many years to detect whether a person is telling the truth or not. It is also being used by the private detectives to try and gather information that can be used to solve a case. There are different techniques that the private detectives use to assess the information they get from the polygraphs and how it can relate to the case at hand. As much as some people have tried to master the art of beating the polygraphs, our private detectives use special skills to get the crucial information for the case.


Polygraph Accuracy Rate

The polygraph machines are still being used by the private investigators as the means to supplement other ways of collecting information. The accuracy rate of the polygraphs stand at over 80% and that is why they are still being used in government recruitment processes. The detectives ensure that they analyse the results very keenly so that the accurate information is obtained. Our private detectives undergo training for some time on how they can use the polygraphs to grill suspects.


What Is Measured By The Polygraphs?

There are different aspects of human behavior that are associated with lies such as change in the heart rate, blood pressure and sweating. The polygraph is designed in such a way that it can detect a small change in these behaviors. The private investigators have to check the changes in these behaviors so that they can determine whether someone is telling the truth or not.


What Should Be Done Before A Polygraph Test?_


Before you take a polygraph test, the private investigator will always ask you to remain calm and not be anxious. Taking deep breaths before the test helps in keeping you calm for the test so that the results are more accurate. Also removing any sweat samples from your fingertips is a good way of preparing yourself for the test.


The Type Of Questions Asked?_


Most of the questions that are asked in the polygraph test are the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. The person being subjected to the polygraph is supposed to answer yes or a no to the questions that are posed by the detective. This way, the polygraph will automatically give a recording which the detective will later analyse to see the outcome. The subject is always advised to answer nothing but he truth to all the questions asked.


Does A Polygraph Test Have Any Health Implications?

The polygraph machines do not pose any health complications to the subjects. The objects for measurement are attached to the skin of the subject. This means that they are not risky to the subject in any manner. The polygraphs have to be well maintained after each session so that they do not give the wrong readings in the next session.