Lie detector tests are getting prevalent for verification or elimination of doubts. Commercial use of lie detection test is as common as domestic one. It is common practice to hire private investigators to carry out this job. Lie detection using a Polygraph machine is the most used lie detection method. This is because of the amazing reliability of its results. Because of this, more and more people are looking to own their own home lie detection test kit.

Recent search result findings have shown that there has been an increase in searches for “free lie detector” or “how can I get a lie detection test done” on internet platform too. There are even videos available on internet that helps to make these lie detection test kit. While it may look like a good substitute for visiting a private investigator, one has to consider the fact that these private investigators have experience and professionalism that cannot be compared.

Lie detectors are available on sale too. Buying a lie detector test in UK is not very common. Yet online shopping sites have them on sales. These lie detectors cost easily affordable. Since these are not very reliable it is a preferred practice to hire a private investigator.


How Can I Get A Lie Detection Test Done?

Private investigators offer their service commercially throughout the country. They are highly trained and experienced detective agents. They are specially trained to use polygraph machine and can be trusted to deliver accurate results.


Where Can I Get A Lie Detection Test Done?

Some investigators provide their service at a place of your choice. For family issues, partners usually prefer the test to be conducted in the comforts of their home. Corporate organizations perform these tests on their employees for background check or qualification check. They call these investigators to their firm to conduct tests. Private investigators also have corporate offices to conduct these tests. Chances are that there is one in the city with you. You can go online and search for the nearest private investigator closest to you.


How Much Does A Lie Detector Test Cost?

Charge of a lie detection test is variable. Different private investigators charge their fees based on their experience and proven efficiency. The average cost of a lie detection test using a polygraph machine could be around £395 plus VAT.

As just stated, affordable cost for lie detection test by a private investigator are certainly assessable. For this reason many people opt for the home lie detector test kits. These home lie detector test kits are available from your usual online shops. Although there have been many issues with its reliability, the voice stress test often popularly called De-FIB-ulator sells for far less. They sell at extremely low prices. Despite the fascination of these gimmicks home lie detector tests, professional help of a private investigator can achieve more accurate test results.