Polygraph tests are lie detector tests used to determine whether a person is lying or not. There are many uses of polygraph testing, such as to determine whether or not the person is a thief, or whether they have been involved in drug use, etc. They can also be used for other purposes, such as polygraph testing for police employment, polygraph testing in the workplace, or for business purposes. Polygraphs are expensive, however, and cannot be afforded by everyone except for professional purposes. That said, there are cheap lie detector tests that one can buy.

Lie Detector Test Cost

A polygraph lie detector test cannot be conducted by anyone, they have to be conducted either by polygraph examiners or a private investigator. The cost usually vary around. The cost is also dependent on the duration of the test. If the test is a whole day long, then it will cost a lot more than it would if the test was for 2 hours, which is an average length. Polygraph testing for infidelity, for instance, which would most probably be around 2 hours long, will cost around £395 plus VAT. Polygraph testing isn’t very popular, but within the Private Investigation domain, there are well known. There are often used by organisations and firms to help choose the right person for the job.

The polygraph testing cost isn’t only dependent on the length of the test, as other factors affect it too, such as the agency that you use to conduct the test. In the UK, for instance, a polygraph testing procedure’s starting price would be around £395 plus VAT. The prices may be high, but in order to attain accuracy, an expensive lie detector test doesn’t particularly mean it is more reliable.

Service Reliability

That said, affordable tests do exist, however, it wouldn’t provide a very reliable service and the polygraph testing accuracy would be questionable. One such option is to try out an online lie detector. Some of the online services are free, while in other cases, purchasing a lie detector software could also do the trick, but the question still remains, how effective are they? Another method could be to purchase a polygraph machine which could cost around £60-£650 from online stores. Although, the functionality of these machines are questionable compared to trained private investigators.

Test Authenticity

For customers that value the authenticity of the tests, they opt for private lie detectors, and in the UK, the prices of such services vary according to the client’s needs. An example of that would be the suspicion lie detection. For instance, if the employer suspects the employee, of whichever occupation, to have committed a theft, the employer can make that employee sit for the polygraph test. Our private investigators offer lie detector tests at fairly affordable prices, and you can be sure to get reliable and accurate results.