Lie detector tests, which are often known as polygraph tests, are now widely used among law enforcing agencies and private investigators around the world. These days, many reputed private investigators in the UK are using lie detector tests to solve difficult cases, like adultery in a marriage, teenage behavioral problems, etc. Polygraph machines are often used in research purposes as well by many reputed universities. Polygraph tests are widely popular because they save time and are totally hassle free.

To take a lie detector test, all you need to do is to hire an agency that conducts a polygraph/lie detector test. However, these tests don’t come in cheap. You need to be extremely lucky to get a free polygraph test; however, a cheap polygraph test is possible if the following tips are followed.


Utilize The Benefits Of Free Online Lie Detector Tests

These days, you can find everything on the internet and free online lie detector tests are one of them. However, some of these websites require the user’s credit card information, and you have to be really careful, since they might be unreliable sites. There are also some websites that are completely free and don’t require additional information. The accuracy of these results are yet to be proven.


Buy A Software That Deals With Lie Detecting**


If the free online detector tests don’t work for you, then you can always go for a lie detector software. They are far cheaper than an agency’s traditional test. But you have to be a bit more of an expert in using this software, as it can be more complex than online tests. Currently, there are several lie detection software available on the market that come with various packages and utilities.


Buy A Polygraph**


If the free online test or lie detection software doesn’t work for you, then you can always buy a polygraph machine for yourself. If you are a private investigator and require the help of a polygraph machine often, then buying a polygraph machine will be a good option for you. It beats the cost of paying for a traditional test every time you need one, but bear in mind that if you are not an expert on polygraph tests, then your results can vary slightest from the traditional test. You can also sell the machine to someone if you won’t need it anymore.


Go For A Test That Can Detect Tremors In A Person’s Voice**


There are some really cool voice tests that can detect hesitancy from the tremors of a voice. And these tests can often be used to detect whether someone is lying or not. You can also get these tests done via phone, which beats the hassle of traveling to the agency. Though there are several packages for voice tests, they are far cheaper than a polygraph test.


Negotiation Is The Key

A lie detection software and online tests can be really handy when required, but so far, nothing can beat the accuracy of a traditional polygraph test which is conducted by a professional. So if you need an accurate result from a polygraph test, then you should try to negotiate the price with the agency. If you are a student who needs to run a test for a special project, they might cut you some slack. Same conditions are applicable for a private investigator that needs to run these tests several times in a year.

The price of a lie detector test varies with the extremities of the test, and most of the time, only an expert examiner can provide the most accurate result. So, as a private investigator, you should always hire a credible and competent agency for the perfect polygraph test.