Lie detector tests can aid you in any private investigation. The cost of traditional lie detector tests can start from £450 and increase as the reason for the exam becomes criminal. Which can be found in various places across the UK, but this is expensive and often inconvenient to most people. You may have to call out from work or go to another location that is far out from where you live.


Voice Stress Analysis (VSA)

The alternative option to a typical polygraph test is to obtain a voice stress analysis (VSA) lie detector test. A voice stress analysis test does exactly what a polygraph test does, but it uses your voice and speech patterns to determine if you are lying or telling the truth. You might want to employ the services of our private investigator to assist you in the voice stress test to assist you. There are many places in London that can offer a voice stress analysis test; there is a certain cost to that option. The cheaper option in to conduct the exam yourself, in the privacy of your home or office.


Accuracy Of Voice Stress

You can use the VSA lie detector test for private matters, since it is a fairly new test it may require further tweaking in years to come. The accuracy of the voice stress analysis lie detector test is similar to the traditional polygraph test; our private investigators are capable of recognizing signs that an individual is lying or trying to cheat on the lie detector test. There are trained individuals whose job is to provide the VSA lie detector test nationwide.



There are various apps that can be downloaded to your smart phone or device that are used as lie detector tests. The download is often free but to enable the apps services you might have to pay a fee. These apps allow you to access the test remotely and give the power of a lie detector test to you, so that you can utilize it as you see fit. These are available in the UK, the USA and other major first world countries.


Online Simulator Games

The power of the internet is ever expanding and contains vast information regarding polygraphs and lie detector test can be found in the form of online simulator games. These games allow an individual to take part in a mock lie detector test. Often the inferences are minor but it brings about awareness of the lie detector test to all generations. These can be used in the office to pass the time or as training in what to expect scenario. Lie detector tests are now more accessible to individuals all throughout the country and are used in various sections of your life that it is ideal to have this technology readily available.