A lie detector test is carried out by a private investigator to find out if the person being tested is saying the truth or lying. A lie detector sale price varies from one test to another depending on the time to conduct a test. Most of the tests carried out by certified professional lie detectors cost around £200-£2000.


Polygraph Test For A Murder Case

Polygraph tests in the UK vary also depending on which test is being carried out. Some tests need a person or business to hire a professional private investigator to get accurate results. A polygraph test being done for a murder case is one of the cases that require an expert and their charges are a bit high compared to tests like infidelity.

Polygraph testing is done on several cases on which suspects are tested on whether they are lying or saying the truth. The polygraph test prices vary as many factors are put in place before you are charged. The test is charged depending on the issue under discussion as some are more technical than others and also the time of the test is considered.


Private Lie Tests Cost

For a private lie polygraph detector test cost, they vary from one person to another as they are conducted in different places depending on where a client prefers. It may be in a place of business concerning a commercial test being conducted or for personal reasons which are mostly done in homes. Private lie tests for commercial reasons are a bit expensive as compared to personal tests.

While searching for a lie detector test in the UK, a person or organisation should identify lie detection services that are offered with quality but at a very reasonable and affordable price. One of the cheapest lie detector firms in the UK is the ‘Lie detectors UK’ as they charge a price of £395 plus VAT.

Polygraph prices in the UK vary from one lie detector Company to another. Some have a high reputation and are well known leading them to charge a bit higher for their services while others are new and not well established therefore charging a bit favourably. But the average price for a polygraph test in the UK ranges depended on circumstances of each case.


Kinds Of Polygraph Tests

Different polygraph tests are charged different and it depends on the case that a person or business wants the test to be tested against. Also, tests done at home are a bit cheaper than those than in a business premises. Furthermore, cases that are more clinical and take longer hours to be carried are charged highly than those that take just a few hours.

A polygraph test if carried out by a professional private investigator leads to obtaining of accurate information which is obtained from the test. The price for a test varies from one test with another and the expert guides you on how the price is arrived at as there are no specific prices as other factors may arise during the case and further leading into conducting another case.


Lie Detector Job

The lie detector job is not an easy occupation as an expert in this field has to undergo some studies and receive a license before they commence operations. The cost of a lie detector involves a lot of things. From use of equipments which are used to conduct the test to transportation cost to where their customers are situated is an included in the final cost.

Professional lie detection tests range around the same price. The tests are also the same for a lie detector agency with branches all over or in most parts of the UK. The lie detector tests are negotiable depending on the importance of your case but getting the best lie detector services from one of the best firms is crucial.