Lie detector tests aren’t just the stuff of movies and TV shows; they exist and are available for public use. Whether you want to prove once and for all to someone that they can trust you, put your spouse under the ultimate test, or are simply curious about this fascinating technology, you can put a polygraph to your test.  Of course, like everything else, there is a price to be paid for lie detector tests. If it’s something you’ve been considering for fun or for necessity in a business or personal relationship, here is a breakdown of the costs you can expect and what you’ll get for your money.


Typical Prices

The range of what’s offered in terms of lie detector tests is quite large, with the typical cost of a lie detector starting at $200 and going up to $2,000 from there according to Personal Finance Cost Helper. In order to understand this huge price difference and what exactly you would be paying for, it’s best to know how Polygraphs work.


What Is A Polygraph?

The polygraph is a machine that monitors blood pressure, sweat, and other physical attributes of the person being interviews. The Polygrapher asks control questions that are easy and difficult to lie to, such as “what’s your name”. Then, he compares the person’s physical responses to other questions against how they reacted to the simple ones. Through this comparison a trained polygrapher can determine if there were significant changes that indicate a lie being told.


What Am I Paying For?

The things that should be the same with every polygraph test administered, no matter how much a polygraph costs, is a certified polygrapher who has completed an accredited training program, strict adherence to laws pertaining to polygraph machines and the amount of time for the test.

A single-issue polygraph test, or one that is only looking to examine someone on the truthfulness of one topic, is usually around two hours. This type of polygraph test should be no more than two hours. More complicated tests that need to be designed to cover a wide variety of issues can take nearly an entire day, and these are the tests that start to become very expensive. A polygrapher’s time and preparation adds a lot of extra costs onto a simple lie detector test.

Polygraph tests are within reach of anyone who wants to use them for personal or professional usage. But, it’s best to determine early on exactly what you want to be testing, how much you’re willing to pay for it, and make sure that you are staying within the guidelines of the law.