How much does a polygraph test cost? That is the question people and businesses ask for. The answer is that it is very hard to determine a price of a lie detector test, because they are taken for very different reasons, and polygraph tests prices would vary depending on the case, the customer (corporate or private) and the examiner.


Private Lie Detector Test Cost

On average, a private lie detector test would certainly cost less than a polygraph test administered by a professional examiner (e.g. private investigator). However, a home polygraph test administered without assistance provided by an examiner would not be as reliable. The average cost of taking a lie detector test in a professional setting with a private investigator involved might be higher, but the results would be more accurate. Cheap lie detector test purchased online might be sufficient, however, if a person is seeking to prove that the subject is an unfaithful spouse.

The average cost of a lie detector test service in the UK depends on the examiner’ qualifications, examiner’s firm – polygraph tests can be done by a private investigation agency or by an organization that solely provides polygraph test services – and expenses. Expenses include traveling and specialist equipment – the further the examiner has to travel, the more the customer pays.


Cheap Lie Detector Test

If the client is looking to save on costs and expenses, the cheapest place for them to get a lie detector test would depend on the purpose of the polygraph. If, for example, the subject is looking to take a polygraph test in relation to bodybuilding and drugs, the cheapest way to do so would be to hire a private investigator who offers their services at a fixed price. On the other hand, however, if the subject is a legal person who is looking to implement polygraph tests at their place of business, it would be better to hire an organization that specializes exclusively in polygraph tests – hiring a private investigator to perform the fixed-price services each time would cost more.


Commercial Polygraph Test Cost

Commercial polygraph test prices depend on the machine’s make and model, its compatibility with various computer systems, whether or not it works on a multilingual platform, and the sensitivity of the sensors. When looking for the cheapest lie detector, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of the purchase. If one is buying the equipment for something more serious than a “party trick”, a cheap machine might not have the same level of polygraph test accuracy as a more expensive one.

If one is asking themselves how to trick a lie detector, that person could very well be the subject of polygraph testing in relation to a murder case. A wrongfully accused person can hire a private investigator to help take the polygraph test to prove their innocence. This is normally a fixed price service and the price depends on the private investigator’s rates.