Polygraph examiners provide affordable, confidential polygraph tests for private individuals, corporations and government departments. They provide these services throughout UK, Europe and the world over. They should be a member of British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA) and also Associate Members of the international American Polygraph Association (APA). APA accredit polygraph academies worldwide.

Call between 9 am and 6 pm to understand how a polygraph test is done and to find out the cost. The polygraph department will give you the best service. If you need information out of hours you can call someone between 6 pm to 10 pm. We respectfully ask that you don’t call after 10:00 pm. For our corporate clients call our corporate investigators who is an established forensic investigator and private investigator.


Fully Qualified Examiners

It can access to all certified UK . The examiners are few and accredited working in the UK. For a good reliable polygraph test, a skilled operative is required. It only employers internationally recognized examiners and private investigators.

British Polygraph Network, BPN, ensures the highest polygraph testing standards and RA is one of the founding members. Clients are comfortable with members of BPN because it assures them that they have accredited testing process.

There is a principal partner of it who was the one of the first people to qualify in the private Polygraph Academy BPA. BPA is approved and accredited by APA and the British Accreditation Council, BAC. The principal partner is a full member of BEPA and could also recommend private investigators. BEPA membership is regulated and controlled and it ensures that examiner’s skills and expertise are known internationally. This means that the examiners are qualified and they are constantly learning new skills to satisfy the client’s total confidence in the crediting process.

Polygraph testing has been made through scientific sound examinations that are conducted in ethical and professional environments like the way private investigators carry them out. The results of polygraph test have become more uniform and measurable because the tests are computerised. They are more measurable in terms of standards, procedures and techniques. The results gotten are more scientific based and the subject of meta-analysis.

Clinical trial have been done by the British government in the use of polygraph tests. It uses the tests in sensitive areas of regional and national government level to counter terrorism and paedophile programs. It now recognizes that polygraph examinations provide extremely high rates of accuracy.

You will get the best all-inclusive price for a polygraph test through us.


Private Clients

It specializes in using the polygraph tests to find truth or deception within personal matters. Private issues require a lot of sensitivities as it affects intimate relationships. The examiners, private detectives includes offer friendly unbiased solutions to the problems. RA offers a range of polygraph services to help with deeply private and personal matters. The examiners use the latest interview and analysis techniques and equipment to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.


Corporate Clients

It will bring you peace of mind dealing with issues sensitive to the corporation. The tests are done at the client’s property or at the London premises depending on what the client wants. It does test for companies who are considering to hire individuals for employment, promotion and fitness for duty.