The application potential of polygraphs makes this tool one of the most sought after private investigator services. Many people in the UK seeking the truth in a matter that is of interest to them have turned to private investigators to have polygraphs administered. Popular subject matter includes employee fraud investigation, marital trust issues, pre-employment interview and conflict resolution among others. Pretty much any situation or investigation can benefit a great deal from having a polygraph administered

In all cases that utilize polygraphs, a price for the service rendered is usually paid to the private investigator by the client. The prices, however, are not written in stone and are therefore not fixed. A lot of factors come into play when setting the price for a polygraph test. A combination of factors is used by private investigator agencies to determine the amount to be charged. However diverse and unique such factors may be, there are those factors that resound among many of the agencies if not all of them. Examples of such factor include;


The Nature Of The Polygraph Test

Polygraph tests come in different variations. You may find websites offering tests online i.e. over the internet, or even over the phone. The results obtained from such tests will have questionable accuracy levels given that there is not enough evidence supporting the use f such means. Seasoned private investigators usually do not use such means.

Alternatively, some websites or stores offer lie detector test software, while others sell lie detector machines. Although these may cost lower than taking a traditional lie detector test at a private investigator agency, the lack of specialised knowledge and experience in administering the test definitely affects the reliability and accuracy of the results obtained.


The Location The Test Is Conducted

Since polygraph equipment is portable, the location of the polygraph test can vary. For instance, if the matter of concern that is driving you to seek a polygraph test is of marital nature, you can have the polygraph conducted from the comfort and privacy of your home. On the other hand, if the matter is business centred such as pre-employment interviews, you can have done at your business premises. In both cases, the examiner bears the trouble of carrying the equipment to the agreed location. This may drive up the cost of the test as the cost will reflect the financial troubles involved with transporting the equipment.


The Level Of Expertise Of The Examiner

Conducting polygraph test is not an easy task. A lot of experience and skills are required. As such, seeking the services of a seasoned polygraph examiner may drive up the cost considerably. However, you should ensure that the examiner has met the required qualifications before you proceed to have the test conducted. Only qualified polygraph examiners are able to administer polygraphs that yield high-level accuracy.