The lie detector is no longer limited to use by policeman, CIA agents, or crazy television talk shows. More and more, polygraph centers in major cities around the world are offering this incredible technology to help solve problems in their lives, get at the truth of their relationships, and

improve their pre-employment screening process. With these services becoming more and more popular among consumers, the cost of a lie detector test has gone down considerably, making it possible for personal use.

A Standard two-hour session with a licensed polygrapher should start at around $200 with more advanced and intensive sessions going up into the $2,000 range. You might be wondering what you will really get for that money in the event that you decide to hire a lie detector, and here is a breakdown of everything you should know about polygraphs.


How Does A Lie Detector Work?

The polygraph can’t automatically determine a lie from the truth, instead it zeros in on the physiological reactions to interrogations. This means that the polygrapher is really looking at your blood pressure, perspiration, and heart rate in order to try and figure out if you are lying or not. By comparing these readings when you’re asked straightforward questions to ones where you might have the opportunity to lie, he can make assumptions about how truthful you are being.


What Can I Use A Lie Detector For?

Previously, lie detectors were mot commonly used by police departments trying to narrow down or put pressure on suspects. Now, a range of new uses for the lie detector has started to open up in recent years.  Marriage counselors have started coming out in favor of the lie detector as a good way to rebuild trust in a relationship.  Knowing that a lie detector test is waiting at the end of the month is a good way to encourage more honest conversation and help a betrayed spouse feel more secure in believing their partner and moving forward.

Additionally, more and more celebrities like cyclist Marcel Kittel have taken a polygraph on their own to try and sway public opinion back in their favor.  The idea behind these actions is that the mere act of taking a lie detector is a good sign of faith that you are confident in your ability to tell the truth and others should be as well. We’ve all had moments where we wanted to prove to someone that we were telling the truth, and personal polygraph sessions offer just that opportunity.