Lie detector testing is the best means of establishing whether a person is telling the truth or not when questioned regarding a given issue. The high level of reliability associated with lie detector tests make them quite popular with people looking to ascertain the truth in a given issue. It is important to ensure that you have a predetermined cost figure to work with so as to ensure that you can afford the test in the first place. Since not all situations are the same, it is best to call the private investigator issuing the test for a case related quote as no rate applies to all situations.

Below we will look at some of the factors that influence the cost of a lie detector so as to give you a point of reference to answer pricing questions.

Lie detector tests usually vary in terms of the issue at hand and how long it takes to be handled by using a polygraph. Basically, the longer the private investiagtor works on administering the lie detector test the higher the charge. Additionally, the location at which the test is to be administered will also influence the final cost at which this service is to be billed. Read on to find out how exactly these factors influence the price of the service received.


Time Taken To Administer The Test

A lie detector test is usually set to take around two hours when dealing with an easy to understand issue that does not require too much consultation between the private investigator and the client. However, some cases may require more time. Lie detector tests are conducted through a three stage process which includes the pre-test interview, collection of charts and analysis of the charts collected. In most cases, the first stage takes the longest to get done, as it not only involves preparing the subject for the interview but also covers the formulation of relevant questions to get the necessary results. The complexity of the issue at hand influences the time taken in this stage.



Lie detector tests are conducted using freely portable equipment which can be ferried to the client’s location for convenience purposes. Of course the distance travelled to meet the client with sensitive equipment has a bearing on the final price of the lie detector test service. Note that the test can be conducted at the offices of the private investigator, client’s home or office or any other chosen location where a distraction free space is available.

As you can see, the requirements of each case influence the price charged for the lie detector test service. As a client it is recommended that you contact our private investigator service so as to get a quote that reflects exactly what you need.