Lie detectors a.k.a. Polygraph tests are the latest playthings for criminologist and law enforcing agencies around the world. And the private investigators of the UK are quite enthusiastic about using this technology to detect criminals. It saves time and is totally hassle free. All you need to do is hire an agency that conducts these tests and follow some of the procedures. But before hiring an agency to conduct a polygraph/lie detector test, a private investigator should thoroughly check their background and pricing chart.

Currently, there are several agencies that conduct polygraph examinations in the UK. But before choosing one, please be sure that they are a member of “The International Society of Polygraph Examiners”. A licensed member will never charge you more than a specific amount because of their regulations.

The total cost of a lie detector test can depend on various factors. They are discussed below:



Most of the polygraph examiners prefer to conduct these tests in their own offices rather than someone’s home. Emotional and environmental factors often affect the polygraph tests if they are done at home, which is why they often prefer a neutral spot. If their office is inconvenient for you, then they will arrange a new spot, but it depends on your payment. Also, it’s more official to have the test in an administrative setting.


Corporate Clients

The pricing is rather different for corporate clients. There are many organizations that need protection from thefts and frauds, and they often have to undergo the lie detection procedure. Internal thefts and various employment issues are also solved by polygraph tests. As they need the service more frequently, these organizations often sign contracts with the agency for a reasonable sum.


Private Clientele

Private clientele are often delicately handled. Most of these cases are sensitive and the examiner has to be discreet while handling them, but keep in mind that you can test one specific issue at a single time for a specific price.


For Research Purposes

Oftentimes, various universities conduct studies that make use of the polygraph test. In these cases, they might employ a local agency to arrange the test.


Law Enforcement Agency

Law enforcement agencies and private investigators employ the biggest polygraph testing agencies in the UK. Most of the government agencies hire these agents on a contractual basis. They use the polygraph test for offenses, such as armored car hijacking and several others.

The pricing guideline of a lie detector test varies with the severity of the case. Delicate cases need expert care and that won’t be cheap. In most cases, the payment is non-refundable and must be paid in advance, but most of the agencies are flexible in the payment procedure. You can send money via PayPal or credit/debit card. These methods ensure that you have made a secure transaction. Most of the agencies will provide you their service 24/7, even on weekends. But when the timing is inconvenient, the price would be a bit higher than the standard rate.

Lie detecting tests require a highly professional examiner who knows what he is doing. Credibility and competency of the examiner must be checked before employing him/her to conduct a delicate test. Also, a private investigator needs to draw up a legal contract with the agency for the client’s safety.