Polygraphs machines have been extensively used by private investigators for the sole purpose of determining one’s innocence or guilt through the responses recorded in the form of charts as result of controlled questions asked by detectives. The test has three main parts which include the pre-test interview collection of charts which is the initial; the second stage involves the recording of charts and the final phase being the analysis of charts. The machine has components that are attached to various parts of the body for the purpose of detecting the heart pulse, the pressure of the blood, the sensitivity of the skin and the speed of breathe of the person being interviewed.

There are numerous private investigators practising and the cost of carrying out the polygraph test varies from one investigator to another. It is also good to note that some private investigators bill the service per hour while some will have a fixed rate. The estimated cost of undergoing a polygraph test ranges between 85 and 150 pounds which may go higher in some instances. There are several factors that may lead to the difference in the cost of having the test conducted. These Factors include


The Time The Test Takes

As mentioned earlier on that polygraph tests take an average of 2 hours. It is important to note that some tests take longer than others depending on the complexity of a case hence they take longer. For this reason it is important to appreciate the kind of case that you have at hand, discuss it with the private investigator of your choice in order to get the exact cost of the polygraph tests.


The Expertise Of Private Investigators

The more a private investigator practises, the more his/her skills get sharpened. This means that the results produced by an experienced private investigator are credible because of the expertise gathered over the years of practise. As a result, the cost of hiring such an investigator is much higher compared to the less experienced investigators.


The Location

Location is key factor in the cost of a polygraph test. This is because a private investigator will not mind travelling to a client’s convenient location. In this case they will need to cover up fuel expenses which will directly affect the cost of carrying out the polygraph test. The location must provide privacy to the private investigator as the entire process requires privacy.

With these factors in mind one is sure of getting value for their money. One will eventually spend much more before they even realize it. It is therefore advisable for one to ensure that they make the right choice of private investigators in order to receive quality results. Qualified private investigators will ensure that they apply the right techniques and the right questions depending on the case at hand.