The polygraph or often refer to as a lie detector, is a machine that is used to verify if somebody is telling the truth. The price varies depending on the company that offers the services and the specific case. The best way to find out the price of the test is to contact the company licensed for these type of tests. They will ask you to provide more details for the test and based on their criteria they will give you a quote.

One of the most important things about the polygraphs is to find a company that has licensed examiners who are fully capable of operating the polygraph and reading the results. In the UK there are only several licensed examiners so make sure to choose the right one.


The Polygraph Is Used For Different Purposes

In the past few years the number of private clients has drastically increased. There are many people who decide to resolve their personal and family matters with the help of the polygraph. They contact the best private investigators who are licensed for these tests and put an end to their doubts.

In addition, many companies decide to use the services of the private investigators and perform polygraph testing for their employees. The reasons for this action differ but often the management tries to verify a new employee or conduct internal investigation. Since the test results are around 98% accurate, they are a good indicator of people’s truthfulness.

Bigger companies offer their services on international level. That means that you can call them from any part of the world and schedule the testing. In these cases different rates will apply.

The polygraph is a rather complicated machine. It measures your blood pressure, pulse, your breathing rhythm, the temperature of your body and the reaction of your skin. It is normal for a person to feel nervous during the test, but if you are telling the truth the machine will know that.

The entire process consists of three phases. In the first phase the examiner conducts an interview with the person that will be taking the test. The two of them talk about the subject and they create the questions that will be used during the testing. The examiner explains every step of the procedure and once they make sure the person who will be taking the test understands the process, they move on to the second step.

At this point the person who is taking the test is attached to the machine that will be measuring different values. Usually the examiner repeats the test three times. After each test a short brake is made.

The final and maybe the most important phase of the process is evaluating the results. This is when the examiner reads the results, compares them and provides the final conclusion. In most cases the results are available shortly after the test is finished.

Every examiner follows the code of ethics that refers to the disclosure of information, certain restrictions and method of reporting.