Our company is staffed with polygraph examiners who are certified and accredited to work in the UK.  We have access to all the UK polygraph testers who are accredited and employ only the ones who are internationally known.

the highest possible polygraph testing standards. Our members of staff, including all examiners, are members of British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA). BEPA ensures that the expertise and skills of the examiners are internationally recognized. It means that our staff members are constantly updating their skills to learn the most advanced techniques.


Lie Detector Tests Uses

We offer our services to private clients and we use lie detector tests to find out the truth within the family and personal matters. We know that family issues are sensitive and when we are addressing them, we do so in a professional manner making sure everyone is comfortable with our work. We offer friendly solutions to problems in the home. Through our expertise, we are able to delicately find out deep and private matters. Family matters are deeply disturbing and through our company we can give you the peace of mind you are looking for through our services.


Corporate Clients

For our corporate clients, we can offer our services at their premises or in our offices. Companies would need our services when they are looking for individuals to promote, theft and fraud investigations. They do so when they looking at an individual or when a crime has been committed and they are looking to find out who did it. If the company suspects one of their employees has been involved in a crime then they can hire us to get to the bottom of the problem. If done early enough, the company can prevent security breaches and other potential losses.

Our company is well versed with legislative issues and we offer our clients with professional services reflecting the complex legal needs of corporate matters. We ensure that our tests are done both legally and fairly and we present this information in our reports.

Apart from using BEPA and APA methods to conduct lie detector tests we use PEACE model interview techniques and ‘Practical Kinesic Interview and Interrogation’ techniques. This means that corporate matters will be dealt with the highest level of proficiency which goes well with the legal aspects of the problem.

Our company is internationally recognized and we offer services to all parts of the world. Although we are based in the UK, we send our members of staff, some are private investigators, to all parts of Europe and the world in general. There are some cases where we have sent our examiners to war zones and areas of political turmoil. As we work all over the world, language barriers are never a problem as we have interpreters who travel with our examiners.