Report evaluation is the last stage in the polygraph test process. At this stage the results of the polygraph are studied and evaluated to come up with a conclusion at the end of a polygraph UK. The data produced by the polygraph during a lie detector test, is represented in the form of a chart. It is the chart representation that needs to be evaluated. For proper interpretation of the results, the private investigator needs to ensure that they have the right qualifications and skills to conduct a polygraph test and carry out an evaluation of the results. This is one of the main pre-requirement to have a successful lie detector test.      

A private investigator prepares questions for the polygraph that the client needs to answer. As they answer the questions asked the polygraph records data depending on their nervous and psychological reactions which are determine whether a suspect is lying or not. It is important to note that Private Investigators currently an all-body suit. Pro Anderson who created the suit says that a person that lies will fidget more than a person telling the truth. The suit enables the measurement of that by the lie detector during a polygraph test.

Polygraph UK is widely used in carrying out in the hiring process. In such a case the dress code may differ. For a more professional occupation, one, may be required to dress down, perhaps in a formal suit. But the most advisable ask what is expected of you from in terms of the dress code. The people conducting polygraph tests look for certain values. At this point it is important to get to know exactly to know what you are expected to put on. In scenario where a conductor is to access the skin, it is important to ensure that one puts on an outfit that would make it easy access.

The lie detector tests are simply about answering questions of which some may be trick questions. The conductor of the polygraph test will first ask the client questions, some of which they will be expected to lie and others tell the truth. After they are patched and questioned with the polygraph on. The questions will vary and the trickiest ones are the most common ones. The length of the polygraph test will vary depending on the number of questions that the conductor or private investigator will have. But essentially the test takes 2 hours, but it may again last longer.

Private Investigator uses quite a number of techniques in lie detective tests. Through this they are able to interpret the results according to the experience gathered and their skills. This is necessary for interpreting the results of a polygraph test accurately. It is important to get consent from the person who is to undergo the test. They need to understand the grounds under which they need to undertake the test. For some cases, a lie detective test is necessary in order to build a case based on the findings of the test.