Polygraph test may be a source of evidence for a case. Intelligence services use it to find out more information concerning a case they are investigating. Polygraph test were admissible in court in the previous years but since they were found not be accurate as people could come up with tricks to lie. It is no longer admissible in court.

When a person undertakes an occupation in military, a polygraph test is conducted on them so that some specific details can be derived from them. The test is carried out by a private examiner whom sets aside questions and prepares equipment suitable for that particular test in order to get the information they want.



For a lie detector to take place, consent from different relevant authorities is needed. Whether the polygraph test is taking place in a court room or at the police. The local authorities have to accept the use of a test and also the person being interrogated has to consent and give a go ahead. This acts as some kind of agreement to both parties.


Private Detective Job

When a person decides to pursue a career in the private detective job, this is a very tricky and demanding job. A private detective may be required to handle a polygraph test at odd hours or in an odd place against their wish. Also a polygraph test faces challenges like when being used in a court of law as the judge may restrict them to certain tests only.

Private investigators play an important role in finding out further information on any case that they are handling. Whether the case concerns a polygraph test or some other findings, they are required by their customers to give accurate results. Private investigators also use lie detector tests as a way of establishing more evidence on the suspect.


Criminal Justice System

A polygraph test is considered not to provide 100% accurate results by the court and therefore, it cannot be used as evidence for the court to base on. But this information can be used by the police for a criminal justice system in order to further investigation into a case and add more evidence from what they already have.


Establish More Information

Private investigators provide several ways of solving a case before it reaches in a court of law. A lie detector test can be used to establish more information on a case so that there is enough evidence that a person can use in court. Different organizations approach this technique differently depending on the level of urgency they have as this process may take time.

A polygraph test was used in court to determine if someone was telling the truth or not, but since it was proved to be a scientific method which could be tampered by someone giving false responses, it was disbanded. Therefore, different associations approve it in different ways depending on the importance of the test during that period of time.

Polygraph tests were used by the police, court and even the government before they were found to be unreliable. Today, the polygraph test is carried out by a professional private investigator or examiner who conducts the test by acquiring a go ahead form either a government body or state, judge in a court of law or by the police to obtain more information regarding a case.

Also, a polygraph test can be determined by a council which may dictate on whether to use the evidence got from the polygraph test as a lead in a case or the council may decide otherwise. Generally, polygraph tests are no longer mandatory to be admissible in a court of law unless there is consent from the interviewee or from relevant authorities.