When it comes to the lie detector testing, the first and foremost thing you will need to do is fill in a lie detector questionnaire. In this case, planning in advance is very important as this will enable you go through the questions and answers before commencement of the actual polygraph test.


Get A Hint About Polygraph Test

In this retrospect, to get a hint on what awaits you in the polygraph examination room, visit us today. An expert private investigator should be able to give a clue on the type of questions you should expect during the examination. As you read polygraph chart, you will definitely notice that most of these questions focus on an individual’s private life. What you need to do is to make sure that you thoroughly peruse through each question and try to provide an in-depth response concerning the matter in question. In order for you to beat a polygraph test, like say you once indulged yourself in drugs, make sure you have the details on the place, frequency and time at hand. This is to ensure that you tell the truth without covering your past misdeeds.

Note that this same question is bound to be repeated during the lie detector test. Thus, you will need to prepare in advance by going through a sample questionnaire. Thus, learn how to respond to seemingly tricky questions so that you do not get confused when facing the examiner.

Here are some of the frequently asked polygraph questions:

  • Do you intent to cheat in this examination?
  • Are we in the month of June?
  • Have you cheated on your spouse before?


Dress Code

In most cases, lie detector questions used by police are normally written down for candidates in that particular examination; however, the wordings may vary from one candidate to another. Your dressing code could also mean something. So, be sure to dress well for the occasion and be set by giving out a written consent that you will actually be there for the test whatsoever.

Another important point to note here is that the police have a tendency of repeating their questions three times allowing a 30-second pause between the questions. That means that you should approach the grill in a sober mind if you really want to pass polygraph testing. The equipment used entirely depends on your bodily reactions to the control questions. So focus on what you know.

Finally, prior to the set date of your polygraph test, there are a few tips to consider. They include:

  • You must ensure that you have sufficient sleep
  • Do not indulge in anything unusual such as meal skipping or going for a morning run
  • Avoid negative physiological reactions during questioning by sticking to your normal routine
  • Focus on the questions instead of listening to your pulse or your mood
  • Tackle the questions one at a time
  • Maintain your breathing rate and stick to the truth

Lastly, compose yourself and don’t be intimidated by the stare of the polygraph test conductor if you want to pass the test.