With the human race spinning around in a carousel of deceit, trust is gradually losing its grip and living in suspicion of one another is becoming a norm. While many may not be conscious of this, there has been need to restore trust or better still, detect lies. One of such measures being used in today’s world is conducting a lie detection tests. These lie detection tests are carried out using a polygraph machine. Polygraph machines have been used for years for this purpose. Private investigators are hired routinely to carry out these polygraph tests on individuals under suspicion. These tests can be used to…


Avoid Doubt

When there’s lack of trust between two or more people, there tends to be lingering doubt among the parties involved. With the aid of a private investigator, a reliable lie detector test can be used to clear all doubts.


Prove Innocence

During proceedings at a law court, polygraph machines have been used to help vindicate innocent suspects and clear them of all charges. While its use is yet to be generally accepted in law courts, its used is totally appreciated.



Polygraph testing is based on the principle that an individual has altered physiological indices when he lies. An individual taking up the test is asked a series of specially framed questions. The indices recorded by polygraph include blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse rate, skin conductivity.


Drastic Measures

Polygraph questions used by government agencies such as FBI, CIA, or NSA or by private investigators are done with laid down guidelines. The questions are designed to be answered with a simple YES or NO option. Questions don’t contain conjunctions. Questions with emotional or narrative answers are avoided.



Same goes with restoring trust between partners in married life. Although emergence of doubt is as vicious as failing a polygraph test, sometimes it acts like the last card of the pack to give some resuscitation to a dying relation.



The answers to these polygraph tests provide relief to family members, life partner, colleagues or business partners and rebuilds trust, especially when it proves innocence.



An accused but innocent person would be worried to death about his lost reputation. Private investigators help in such cases. Accused person is advised to take a polygraph test. A positive test result reestablishes reputation and avoids defamation. Since its introduction, polygraph tests have been an important tool in solving criminal cases. It is employed more often to seek the truth and guilty is thus easily identified.


Polygraph Vs CVSA

Comparisons between efficiency and reliability of polygraph test and CVSA (Computerized Voice Stress Analysis) have been a point of debate. While many consider CVSA as more accurate than a polygraph test, the American Polygraph Association considers CVSA of little validity.

While the debate for which is more accurate will go on, looking at the prevalence and popularity of polygraph tests, it is undoubtedly a preferred choice for assurance and confirmation, fighting suspicions or proving innocence and thus backing trust.