You and your significant other might have issues at some point. You may doubt their trustworthiness and whether or not they have been faithful to you. At times like this, our private investigators are a valuable asset. Using their vast array of skills and resources, they can get evidence to support or deny your accusations and help resolve a family problem. This could be regarding a partner or spouse lying, cheating or stealing from you. A lie detector test for lovers can help clarify if the person you are accusing has actually committed the accused acts.


Figure Out The Validity Of Their Sayings

If your partner has committed a crime and you find out afterwards, a polygraph test is the best way to figure out the validity of their sayings. Our private investigator can help you obtain the lie detector test. How can one prepare for a polygraph? The answer to that question depends on what the exam is being taken for. In most cases the exam is being used for minor inferences but in some cases it is for a serious offense. You must establish good business relations with our private investigator and other individuals who will be assisting you in all cases. The services they provide you with will be to the best of their abilities.


Qualification Verification

You might be nervous about the polygraph test and that is a completely normal reaction, whether you have committed the offense or not. Our private investigator can assist you by reviewing the questions you will be asked during the course of the exam. These individuals are professionals and their sole job is to coach you through the wording of the exam and to put your mind at ease. If you are skeptical about an individual conducting an exam, not to worry, you can always conduct qualification verification. In the UK all polygraph examiners should be registered with the British Polygraph Association (BPA) or the British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA).



You might have to go through an interrogation; before, during, or after a polygraph test. During this process you will be questioned regarding the accusations. The polygraph test insures that you are telling the truth. In most cases the accusations are not criminal so there might not be an interrogation. For serious offenses such as pedophilia or sex offender the interrogation is intense and necessary. Often times there are additional underlying issues that the individual may have which can sometimes be caught by using a lie detector test. Due to these issues many employments conduct record checks of new or potential employees to make sure that the individual they are hiring is safe to be around. The use of a polygraph test may be needed if there are discrepancies in the record of an individual. If you are planning to hire or hiring someone to work in your home, there is a domestic staff screening that you can conduct to avoid any questionable people working for you.