The world as we know it has always been plagued with one form of treachery, fraudulence and distrust in different degrees. It is no surprise that more and more people are resorting to the use of lie detectors to find out the truth or to restore trust.

For this reason, private investigators are getting increasingly hired for the purpose of lie detection. If there’s one thing these private investigators are known for, it has to be their impeccable professionalism. Be it business or love, family issues, a record check for staff hiring, qualification verification or clearing your name of accusation, people are increasingly turning to these private investigators for assistance.

A lie detection test is based on the principle that a person shows altered physiological indices when they lie. Blood pressure, pulse rate, skin conductivity and respiratory rate are recorded while asking a series of questions. These altered indices are detected by lie detector, called the polygraph or a deceit detector. EEG (Electroencephalogram), facial EMG (electromyography), eye tracking or pupil movements, voice stress analysis are all lie detection techniques used for proximal lie detection.

Various lie detection software and applications are also available. Most of them detect the altered tone and perceived nervousness in voice. Although their reliability is questionable, their commercial use is noteworthy.


Marital Issues Or Family Troubles

When fidelity is questioned and marital happiness is at stake, private investigators are often approached to seek out the truth. Both partners are interviewed separately and the accused one is monitored for physiological indices. The test results are kept confidential.


Qualification Verification

In today’s corporate world, hiring a new employee is a matter of scrutiny. With increasing competition, lie detection tests to countercheck a new employee’s CV are getting prevalent in corporate sectors.


Stealing Clarification

Lie detection test is carried out on a person under suspicion. More often than not, crimes of theft are relying on the services of private investigators.



Whenever in doubt about truthfulness of someone, a private investigator is hired and lie detection test is carried out on them.



Private investigators help you convince others about your innocence and to get your name cleared of accusations. Although it is used in severe cases of accusation, lie detectors have saved many from shame and reputation dent.



A Private investigator keeps a close eye on the person under suspicion and monitors them for their behaviour with the child in question. Since the child is usually not in a sound state of mind, lie detectors help a lot in such cases.


Committed Crime

Since its introduction in early 1900s, lie detection tests are used to solve criminal cases. It is more recently being used by detectives and police departments worldwide to catch criminals.


Record Checks

Doubts about the past records of business partner, employee or life partner can be solved with a simple polygraph test to establish trust.


Business Relations

Before a tie-up with a new firm, a good record check of their past or a clear insight of their present intentions is carried out using lie detection by a Private investigator.


Domestic Staff Screening

Every employer is concerned about the behaviour of their staff on a day to day basis. Whenever a doubt arises regarding their loyalty or dedication, a Private investigator is hired to conduct lie detection test on the person under suspicion.

Lie detectors are thus of paramount importance for Private investigators. Individuals are taking up lie detection courses and are opting for lie detection as a profession. Private investigation is thus a booming enterprise today.