In the past there were a limited number of people who were able to conduct a lie detector test. They were trained to conduct these tests for the needs of the law enforcement in cases when the evidence was not enough to close The case. In time the use of the polygraph has greatly increased. Today people tend to find new creative ways how to use the polygraph and some have even created great TV shows thanks to the polygraph.


How To Use And Read A Result

Polygraph machines are available on the market. They can be bought for reasonable prices and they can be your new toy. But it’s not only about owning a polygraph, it’s about knowing how to use it and how to read the results. The results can be read only by people who are trained to do that and sometimes even they make mistakes.


Uses Of Polygraph

Nowadays lie detector tests can be taken anywhere around the globe. It is no longer a privilege only to the police departments; today practically anyone can do them. All they need is a good machine and an understanding of how the polygraph works. There are a number of companies in the UK, the USA or even in Europe who do these tests. They offer their services to anyone who is trying to clear their name and to prove they are innocent. Often the polygraphs are taken by people who want to prove they are being faithful or by people who are trying to get a new job in a company that requires them to do the test prior to the employment.


Who Conducts The Polygraph Test?

The companies and private investigators who conduct the polygraph tests are very flexible. If you are not able to come to their office, they can bring the polygraph to you. They are capable of conducting the test in your own home or office. All they need is a quiet and private room where they ask the questions. Surely traveling outside their office will influence the price and you will probably have to pay a lot more than to send the person who should take the test to their office, but if you have more people that need to be tested then it might be a better idea for the private investigator to come to you.

Certain companies even offer their services outside their country. However, if you choose a company or private investigator that needs to travel a lot to get to you, then make sure you are prepared to pay for the travel expenses, and they will be high.

Before you choose the company or the private investigator make sure to shop around and check their references. You don’t want to be fooled by somebody who is only trying to get some money out of you without having the proper expertise. If you want to get reliable results, then you should find a well-established company with years of experience or a good private investigator that will be able to read the results properly.