Private Investigators in the UK provide highly professional service on polygraph tests. Institutes like BEPA (British and European Polygraph Association), NPA (National Polygraph Association) and APA (American Polygraph Association) have been producing highly trained polygraph examiners who are serving almost the whole worlds. It saves investigating time and digs out truths and saves the innocents from being mistakenly punished by the blinded law.


Pre-Employment Polygraph Checking

You are not going to put your business at the hand of a hiding murderer, or bank drawer broker, are you? So, before employing somebody unknown but with potentials, many a corporate asks for a private investigator to check out the selected employees. Often the clients demand to solve these cases pretty fast. So, often they arrange for their employees a polygraph test before they are seated on a vital chair.


Polygraphs On Domestic Disputes And Disillusions

If you have feeling that your family or someone in your family is suffering from some disputes or disillusions about your being deceptive or immoral, you yourself can arrange for a polygraph test to let them breath happily.


Sexual Offender Detection Polygraph

It is very easy to detect a sexual offender by the use of polygraph and it is often a way to control or monitor a bailed person whether he has corrected himself or not.


Polygraph For Media

In media industry the value of news is sometimes very high. But if the news is false then it can bring disaster to the concerned media. So owners of the media often take help from polygraph test to detect whether the news is true or not.


Kickback A Kickback/Bribed

Nobody wants to fire an honest employee just on the basis of suspicion. An honest employee is an asset that most businessmen are mortally in search of. So, just call us and our Polygraph experts will bring you to light.


Clearance Polygraph

Prove you are clean! If in any sector, in any case you are falsely accused of things you haven’t done, just call our UK Private Investigators. They will prove you clean. Situation like this comes in most people’s life. Now you need not suffer from shits like this at all. We offer the cheapest polygraph tests for you, for your peaceful life.


Polygraph In Sport

Match fixed? You smell a rat into somebody’s pocket? Billions of dollars’ question, dear! Why don’t you just ask for a polygraph examiner?


Polygraph And Investigation

They are almost part and parcel to each other. Unless it is just a matter of test like semen or DNA or other material facts, polygraph tests are relevant in most of the truth finding investigations. Your marital infidelity, fraud in business, fake illness, murder, theft, sexual harassment and what not, in all such affairs polygraph tests can help you to move forward in the right direction as fast as possible.


Get Rid Of Shitty Affairs

UK offers a plenty of true service, private investigation is one of the best of them. The polygraph examiners here can clean you off all the shitty affairs you want to get rid of.