Polygraph tests are generally referred to as lie detectors for convenience but in working principle, they should be known as a “Truth Verifier” test. This name applies more since the test is used to detect truth more effectively and efficiently. The tests are used by private investigators alongside other investigation techniques.


Polygraph Investigative Services

As an investigative tool, lie detectors are used to ascertain when someone is innocent or dishonest. Done effectively by a professional private investigator, polygraph tests are used to speed up the time frame in cracking an investigative case, as well as money.

While the polygraph is basically used to verify the truth, they are also applied in the use of general investigation for bringing the case to a close on time. Private investigations always like to conduct the test in a friendly, low profiled environment. This puts the test taker at ease and eliminates the possibility of false positives.

Lie detectors are instruments that measure certain physiological markers in the human body. A series of control questions are asked to the test taker to ascertain their body response. The instrument records pulse levels, skin conductivity, heart rate, and blood pressure. A combination of these indication markers are used to prepare the results.

With the growing number of critics of the use and accuracy of polygraphs, scientific research have proven that modern computerized lie detectors have a 98% accuracy rate. For this reason, they are widely accepted and used by individuals and companies. They have been used by companies to find records on employees by looking through database with the collaboration of the local law enforcement agencies.


Latest Technology

To get the best results, private investigators employ the use of latest technology in combination with their expertise and professionalism. The private investigator also begins by explaining to the test taker how the results will be taken and analysed. Their uses span from helping spouses expose cheating partners, corporate theft and fraud cases, uncovering accusations, and helping companies in knowing more about their employees.

There is a high level of confidentiality on the part of the private investigators. Professional private investigators are bound by the ethics of the trade and ensure to conduct the tests in a serene and orderly manner. Private investigators with experience are usually preferred to one without. This experience can come from a good background in police and military. A private investigator with a background as a bodyguard is also admissible when looking at experience level.