Lie detector is a mechanical machine which contains a test known as Polygraph test, which helps to detect a lie when a person is investigated mostly. It can also be used for other lie detecting purposes rather than investigating. Expert examiner of this lie detector can easily explain the results of the machine. Usually it measures the person’s physical conditions and shows the result in a graph, from which we may find in which point the person was acting abnormal. Our Private Investigator can help you, if you want a

lie detecting test in London. We provide service in the every corner of the city.


Prove Your Innocence

When you need a conclusive answer to an issue, when you need to prove your innocence then a polygraph examination is the total solution to the problem. A polygraph test can prove you innocent and release you from the false accusation. We use the similar equipment as used in most of the countries legal system. Our examiners are fully qualified and well trained. We have highly trained in-house polygraph examiner who can maintain the private and controversial issues and maintain the standard up to your expectation. For more you may contact us for our Private Investigators.


Lie Detecting Polygraph Test Takes 2 Hours On Average

Our polygraph machine measures a number of variables from muscle movements, perspiration oxygen levels in the blood to breathing and heart rate. An examine will be attached to the device via a blood cuff around the arm as same as the cuffs used to monitor the blood pressure. Each lie detecting polygraph test takes 2 hours on average to perform. This is usually done within the time limit, but it can take longer if there is any complexity found during the test. The examine will be on their own for the entire examination. The examine can be escorted to the examination and speak to the examiner prior to the test beginning. We allow the examine to talk to the examiner alone if required. We always try to deliver the result immediately after the test but there may not be printing facilities at all locations, in which case the report will be posted within 48 hours from the test done. Our expert Private Investigator will always help you in any problem you face.


Home Service

We provide home service when you once come to us. When you tell us your problem and find some solution to those we always try to help you to the fullest. We provide in-house polygraph test when you are in need. We understand the intensity of your problem and act accordingly. We give high priority to the secrecy of your problem and you. Our Private Investigators are highly trained to consult and give legal advice to our clients too if needed. Our service charges include transportation cost your location, the polygraph test and report printed within London. We also give discounts on multiple tests. Lastly, we do not perform a polygraph test to a pregnant woman.