If you are looking for the most reliable lie detector testing in London, then you haven’t missed a point. Considering our high level of expertise, we offer scientifically proven, unique and most importantly, accurate results to our clients.

Popularly referred to as a lie detector test, polygraph test can be looked upon as a way of verifying truth. Why is this so? Well, since it has been designed to specifically record reactions on various parameters during interrogation, it is easier to detect whether the person being interviewed is telling the truth or otherwise. It is the most effective technique private investigators use to narrow in on criminals and we are not an exception.


Polygraph Testing Services

Given that a lie detector can be utilized in a number of investigative ways – detecting lies, innocence, determining who to implicate and in the identification of those involved in criminal activities – it is our bet that you will find us your best friend when it comes to private investigation. We make use of this equipment not only to provide solutions to our clients but also ensure that we reach a verdict in the shortest time possible. This is important to both of us as it helps to save time and lower the costs of operation.

In all our criminal investigation operations, we use polygraph examinations to find out truth appertaining t a certain issue. Thus, looking at the benefits we derive from it, we have fully embraced its use in all our day-to-day private investigation operations.

As a matter of fact, we do understand the fact that some people tend to get intimidated on the realization that they have to go through a polygraph examination. Since we have a well trained staff – a team that understands what it means to be in the industry – we ensure that our examination is administered in a friendlier, low profile and above all, in a non-accusatory manner. For excellent and accurate results, you can always rely on our discretion and expertise.


Scientifically Used

What you need to understand is that a polygraph is scientifically used measure physiological reactions in individuals once subjected to a series of controlled questions. During this process, the subject is hooked on the machine which records variations in responses such as pulse rates and blood pressure, skin conductivity and respiration basing on the fact that deception will result into some kind of deviations.

As it were, we base our services on the fact that polygraph testing has been found to produce extremely accurate results and therefore believe whatever we offer our clients, is actually value for their money. You do not have to move around searching for a private investigator that may not satisfy your needs. Contact us now to benefit from our modern techniques in private investigation.