Lie detectors are the best means of distinguishing the truth from lies. Our private detective company offers clients accurate lie detector tests conveniently around various locations in the UK. We only believe in offering face to face polygraph tests and where the investigator and the subject are located in the same room. We also arrange to travel to your location if there is no

lie detector center nearby. Our offices are designed with a lie detector room included for the specific purpose of taking lie detector tests. This makes it better for clients to take the test at our offices as compared to other venues. However we can be able to carry out the test at the client’s preferred location where necessary.

Below we will look at where clients can take lie detector tests in Manchester.


Our Manchester Office

If you are willing to visit our Manchester office to take the lie detector test you will have to make an appointment beforehand. Here you will find the best facilities when it comes to taking the test including separate room where you will be free from regular distractions. A highly qualified private investigator specializing in administering polygraphs will be on hand to prepare you and administer the test as well. Our offices are open from morning until 8pm in the evening.


At Your Location

To get the best results from a lie detector test, it is essential that the subject and the private investigator be fully prepared. The investigator needs to prepare a set of control questions to prepare the subject as well as some relevant questions to evaluate their truthfulness. On the other hand, the subject needs to be calm during the assessment, free from any outside distractions. Clients who are looking to call us to issue the test at their location need to set apart a room that the test can be taken away from any distractions from the outside world. This is the only condition we have when it comes to issuing the evaluation at the client’s location.

We have a team of highly qualified private investigators trained in administering lie detector tests at various locations including at home or the client’s business premises. By coming to the client’s premises we ensure that the operation is not only confidential but also very convenient. This is especially the case when it comes to handling a huge number of subjects all in the same building.


Other Locations

We also maintain a collection of other locations specifically used for lie detector testing by our private investigators. These are meant for clients who feel that the office mentioned above is too far from them. Interested clients can scroll through the list and identify a preferred location.