The Jeremy Kyle lie detector test is used on the show in cases of infidelity and theft. In real life, a lie detector test can also be used in a business environment. For example, a telephone lie detector test is used to prevent insurance fraud in cases of potentially fraudulent claims. The insured customer must express consent to undertake the test. In some cases of insurance fraud, the organization requests professional services of a private investigation agency to look into it.


Lie Detector Test Cost

The lie detector test cost is low in comparison to the costs of insurance fraud, and is therefore a cost-effective tool for insurance companies to verify claims of persons claiming benefits to which they might not be entitled. Private investigators get involved in these cases to carry out a lie detector test for verifying the claims.


Lie Detector Test In Workplace

Lie detector test can be conducted in the workplace for reasons that include employee drug and alcohol screening. Polygraph tests are a good alternative or addition to traditional drug testing methods, especially when it is hard to obtain sufficient samples for testing. The lie detector test can also be used as part of the screening process and questions about drugs can be included.

In cases of money laundering in commercial organizations, a private investigator usually gets involved, and polygraph testing can form a part of his or her investigation. The corporate clientele requests polygraphs in order to apprehend the launderers.


Lie Detector Test For Employee

Theft and fraudulent employees are also a large issue for private investigators’ corporate clientele. However, the wrongfully accused employee can also be the private investigator’s client in this case. The lie detector test can determine honesty of the accused subject and get to the truth of the matter. It is also a great theft prevention instrument.

Regarding lie detector tests carried out during the hiring process, they are a useful tool to verify the person’s skills, experience and qualification. This way, the firm can ask the candidate questions about their values and see whether he or she is a good fit for the occupation and the position they are applying for.



The “interrogation” stage of the polygraph test that sometimes follows the polygraph exam is used to go through the test results with the subject to clarify some responses. It is not always done, but it is quite useful when the accusations against the employee are serious, like money laundering or theft, as outlined above.

Polygraphs can also be a useful tool for solving family problems, such as suspicions of infidelity. For those instances, a home lie detector test is available. It is also administered by a visiting private investigator. It is also possible to take a lie detector test online, but the accuracy of such lie detector test is very subjective. It is better to look for a lie detector test for sale to make sure it is real, and not the popular lie detector test game found online.