For centuries people have been searching for better ways to know if someone is lying. From a boyfriend whose story about what they were doing last night to a man on television convicted of murder, it can be impossible to know for sure if someone is deceiving you. That’s why science has focused so much attention on lie detection, and with varied results.

The most accurate lie detector that is available today is the polygraph machine. Most often associated with police movies, courtroom dramas, and spy thrillers, this advanced technology has been in use for most of the 20th century and continues to gain popularity and wide spread uses.


Uses Of A Polygraph

Polygraphs get most of their use by governments in pre-employment screening or by police who are trying to put added pressure on a suspect they want to force into confessing. However, polygraphs have been showing up in the news for their private benefits as well. As Velo news reports, Roman Kreuziger is trying to use the results of a polygraph to prove to the public that he has not been using performance-enhancing drugs before competitions.

With more and more public figures coming under scrutiny for having lied to the public these days, it’s only logical to believe that more and more reports lie these will start surfacing. Although many dispute the accuracy of a polygraph, many like Kreuziger believe that the mere fact that they are willing to take to test should sway opinion in their favor.

This doesn’t just apply to public figures though. More and more marriage counselors are coming out in favor of the use of polygraphs for couples with trust issues. The strategy is similar to Kreuziger’s, a polygraph shouldn’t be used to seek out the guilty, but rather help someone show their commitment to being honest.


Polygraph Accreditation

For these more personal uses, there are plenty of polygraph centers and licensed professionals all over the world. You can expect to pay around $200 for a two hour session up to nearly $2,000 for an all day examination. The key is going with a polygrapher who has experience and credentials. Associations like The American Polygraph Association certify polygraphers and centers that follow industry standards and protocols.  A licensed polygrapher will be able to design the best questions possible to meet your needs and wants from a lie detector test, helping you to use this interesting technology to your advantage.