Where can I get a lie detector test? There are two possible ways to answer this question – it is possible to take a lie detector test at home, or in an office of an organization offering professional polygraph lie detector test services. In England, many organizations of the kind have offices all over the country, including the North West. If you live in that area, you might have to commute to the office closest to you if you live in a small town, but there are offices in most cities like Preston, Lancaster and Liverpool.


Lie Detector Test Cost

If you are concerned with how much it would cost to get a lie detector test, it is best to consider all the options. Small private investigation agencies with qualified lie detector test examiners and small firms offering professional polygraph services might be cheaper, but there might not necessarily be one near you, so you might have to commute. With some organizations, you can hire a private investigator to help you administer the test at home, which would help you save on commuting costs; however, make sure to check the additional expenses policy of the agency – traveling and mileage expenses are calculated on a case-by-case basis.

On the other hand, you can employ the services of a larger firm with offices all over the country to save on traveling costs, but since this business is built on reputation, you would have to pay more.


Lie Detector Test In England

If you live in Scotland and are looking to take a polygraph test for legal reasons related to English law, you might have to splurge on traveling to England due to the different legal systems. Many Scottish agencies have offices in the North of England though, so the expenses would be relatively low. If you are taking a lie detector test for the reasons unrelated to judicial proceedings, you might want to use the local services – many organizations perform such services in Scotland and you would not have to incur any traveling costs.


Lie Detector Test At Home

If, however, you live in Europe, are not interested in employing the local organizations, and do not want to increase the lie detector test cost with traveling expenses, it is possible to do a lie detector test at home, either by yourself, or by hiring a private investigator that offers such services and can travel internationally. However, if you choose to do this, you would still incur high polygraph test costs because private investigators calculate international travel as additional expenses.

If you believe that the costs of employing a commercial organization to help you take a polygraph test are too high, it is possible to take a lie detector test at home, without the help of a professional. It would cost you less because you would not be assisted by an examiner, but the results might not be as reliable.