A polygraph test is part of an investigation process that makes use of a polygraph test to proof once innocence. Also known as a lie detector, it records responses of psychological features as a result of the control questions asked by a private investigator during a lie detector test. A person is wired to the polygraph machine using patches that collect the responses. The private investigator has to ask questions that they know will obviously lead one to telling lies or tell the truth and hence use these responses as the bench mark for either a truthful response or a lie as the response. When a person goes to the extreme of both of the responses then he or she is likely to fail the test.


The Art Of Fooling The Polygraph Machine

There are people though who have studied the art of fooling the polygraph machine. Since they know how the machine works and the fact that it is based on psychological reactions they go ahead to look for ways in which to have increased reactions that cause the same reading all through. It is advised that a person alters their psychological responses e.g. increase their heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and their levels of sweating. This is said to give a true response. As seen in Ocean Eleven, the movie, an actor is noted to press down their thumb an even insert a sharp object in the shoe to. When pierced by the sharp object and applying pressure on the thumb, the expected response to the psychological features will be increased.

Other ways that have been suggested to alter the results of a polygraph include instilling pain through biting ones tongue, or jogging one’s mind by working out a tough sum. This has however not gone unnoticed by private investigators. In most cases the people who undergo the polygraph test, are required to remove their shoes in order to prevent any reason available to alter the expected results. One of the private investigators’ counter measures is to ask questions that are far fetched from what the people being examined may expect. When these counter measures are applied by most private investigators that are credible it bears great results.

Many people believe that they can fool the lie detector test and as a result many people have joined the fight against the use of polygraph machines in proving one’s innocence. It is important to note that as mentioned earlier, one of the key components of successfully achieving results in a polygraph test is engaging the services of qualified private investigators to conduct the polygraph test. All one needs to do is settle for experience rather than speculations.