A polygraph or lie detector test is a type of test that is taken, were the baseline, the heartbeat and the pulse is being read and recorded. You can also call this a lie detector test because you will be fixed with a lie detecting machine. Though some people feel uneasy and nervous about polygraph tests, it is an important test and a determining factor if you want to work in law enforcement agencies, military, Para-military and some organizations. It is also a requirement if you want to work with a

private investigation company. It is required that all private investigators, law enforcement agents and all military personnel pass this test. But in what situations can a polygraph test be taken?


Qualification Verification

You will be asked questions about your qualifications and experience in a test, and while you give your answer, a person (the examiner) watches the machine for any spikes. If there is any spike, then it could be concluded that you are either lying about something or you are trying to hide something. Some people may have forged documents or lied about their work experience, this polygraph test will clearly detect the abnormalities in their answer.



When a person is accused of doing something wrong, being involved in something he never was, the best way to know this is by making him do a polygraph test, his vitals will spike if he has anything to hide.


Record Checks

Private investigators used to be the best option for checking on the record or even past documents of people; but there has now been an even cheaper option, though not capable of replacing private investigators, it is far cheaper and faster. With a polygraph test, you can tell if a person is hiding any information about his past that might be significant and crucial to the job.


Crime Suspect

Being at a crime scene may not always mean that a person is the culprit, even evidences pointing to a person still doesn’t always mean they committed the crime. The best non-invasive method of getting the truth from a suspect can also be through a polygraph test. During this test, a person is most often asked some unimportant questions in the beginning and gradually asked the important questions. All these are done to tell when a person is lying or hiding any information.


But How Can You Pass A Polygraph Test?

The main secret in this test is that it monitors your pulses for irregularities and that’s why you are asked some shocking and unexpected questions that you never expected to hear. You can’t formulate a good lie in seconds and once you tell a lie, your pulses spikes.