A Polygraph test/lie detector test is taken in order to determine whether one is lying or not. Many police departments around the world and organisations use this method. That said, lie detectors are used in the professional world frequently, even someone enrolling as a police officer would have to take the test, and there are various reasons for taking a polygraph test for a job. However, if you want to become a law officer, then knowing how to pass a polygraph test for police enrollment is part of the test. Polygraph testing isn’t very popular, and so, has a small clientele and is not usually used for commercial purposes. Its customers are usually an organisation or enterprise, and it helps them choose the right person for the job.


Why Use A Lie Detector?

Occupations, such as being a domestic staff, for instance, may also require a polygraph lie detector testing, as one needs to know whether the staff that they’re hiring are reliable or not. The same applies to the business sector, as the firm needs to know whether they’re hiring someone reliable or not.

Although there are several reasons for taking a polygraph test, it has to be kept in mind that they are expensive and time consuming, and so, unless there is a very good reason to test someone, there are other methods to determine a person’s reliability, by doing background checks, for instance. There are some people that can expect taking polygraph tests, such as someone who has committed a crime, in order to determine whether the person really is guilty or not.

Lie detector polygraph tests have also recently been used to check sex offenders, such as pedophiles, after they’re released from jail. This is to ensure that it is safe for the general public to be around them. Also, these tests have been used to determine whether a person is being falsely accused or not.


How Accurate Are Polygraph Tests?

In the past, its accuracy rate was 90-95%, but recently, it has gone up to a 98%, meaning that it is quite reliable and can provide the service that is expected of it. Over the last 2 decades, lie detectors have been tested over 250 times, and now, it is accurate enough for private investigators to use and to interrogate people in many cases.

There are many other reasons for people to use polygraph tests, such as for theft clarification. If a thief is caught in a robbery case, for example, using a lie detector would be an effective method to determine the truth. Additionally, employers have found this test to be extremely handy, as they can easily find out about a person’s qualifications without having to do extensive background research on someone which is more expensive and time consuming than doing a polygraph test.

Polygraph testing can also be used for private reasons. It is not only used to find criminals and for employment. Certain sensitive issues, such as family disputes, can also be settled with the help of polygraph testing. Our private Investigators can help solve any of the outlined reasons for the need of a lie detector test.