When polygraphs first appeared, they were mainly used in criminal procedures to determine whether the suspect is being truthful or not. The polygraphs have helped get to the resolution of many cases a lot sooner than expected and to dismiss people who were innocent. However, over time the purpose of these tests has changed. Among other things, people saw these tests as a good way to check if their partners are being honest and faithful. The polygraph has proven to be a good tool for breaking marriages and destroying relationships.

Polygraph Test Ethic

Putting the person you love on a polygraph is a grey area. Even if you are able to confirm that your partner is not cheating on you, the relationship can be greatly affected. This action might be justifiable if you are suspecting that your partner is lying about being pregnant, when there is a possibility she might not be, but pregnant women are not allowed to take the polygraph. So before you decide to take such a dramatic step, make sure you are aware of the consequences. The ethic of these tests can be discussed at length.

Taking A Polygraph Can Be Very Productive

If you are looking to hire a new employee for your company than asking them to take a polygraph test might not be such a bad idea. It can help you sleep better at night, knowing that you can trust the people around you and it will enable you to build healthier business relations. The good thing about the polygraph tests is that you can invite the private investigator in your office and conduct the test in the workplace. However, make sure you choose a quality private investigator who will know how to read the results properly. Please note that if you are applying for a police employment, you might be obliged to take the polygraph test, as in some police departments it goes under job requirements. This test can also be handy when you are looking for a domestic staff. These people will be living in your house, or spending a lot of time there, so it is good to know that they are reliable.

Polygraph Test In The UK

In the UK, authorities are introducing the polygraph tests as mandatory for all sex offenders. They believe it will be beneficial if they are able to test all sex offenders that leave jail and see if they still have certain thoughts that might cause them to repeat the act in future. They have made a research on two groups of sex offenders. These sex offenders were to be released from jail. 50% of the offenders from the group that took the polygraph test were sent back to jail, as the results have shown a great potential of repeating the same crime again. The sex offenders who were not tested were released into the community. Whether this was a good step or not and whether they are still a treat to the community only time will tell.