Before talking about what polygraph testing is, it is important to first of all understand what a polygraph is. As a matter of fact, a polygraph is a machine used to record physiological reactions during examination. In this case, an individual under scrutiny is hooked on to the machine that records changes in blood pressure, skin conductivity, respiration and perspiration to establish whether the person is telling the truth or not. It is believed that if a person is telling lies, there is a likelihood of increased levels in blood pressure, sweat etc.

As it were, polygraph simply refers to “multiple writings” which means that is capable of recording a number of bodily responses simultaneously. Thus, polygraph testing is done purposefully for judicial, the corporate world and law enforcement. Hence, if you are planning to start a business, it is vital that you get to know who your employees are. We help you get into the insight of your potential employees by carrying out a polygraph examination on them. However, since we understand all the rules that govern polygraph testing, you can rest assured that we will stick to them.


Privacy Protections Of EPPA

The enactment of the EPPA was aimed at providing the guidelines for private commercial employers during employee examination. However, there are a few cases that were exempted – government contract positions and those that fall under the state security. What you must understand here is that, it is not in order for an employee to ask for a pre-employment lie detector test of a job applicant. Before a polygraph test is conducted, there are certain principles that must be adhered to. An employer is not allowed to suck and employ for not agreeing to undergo a polygraph examination.

In order to safeguard all interests, it is vital for whoever is conducting the test to be certified by the relevant bodies. Our private investigators have all the necessary qualification for this task. Why then risk, when you can rely on us. What you need to do is visit us and you will like what we deliver.


Polygraph Testing Reliability

Considering that polygraph testing is about physiological reactions, it is likely that one may decide to manipulate the results by altering one’s bodily reactions. Well, since we understand all the possible ways of undermining the test – ingesting sedatives for the purpose of cutting down on the level of anxiety and preventing sweating by use of antiperspirants – we assign you a highly competent private investigator to see to it that the results are accurately obtained and correctly analyzed.


Your Privacy Protection

Well, as far as polygraph testing is concerned, cases of erroneous results have also been recorded attributing to various factors including the subject’s preparation prior to the examination, the approach used by the examiner to ask questions, the final result interpretation by the examiner, anxiety and nervousness of the subject.

We have handled a number of cases and therefore we are always very keen when conducting our tests. Thus, we ensure that cases of false positives and negatives do not arise as this could spell doom not only to the subject but to the client as well. We offer not only perfect results but also ensure to create a friendly working atmosphere for both our clients and the subject.