Polygraph test is one of the most scientific test in recent days to detect if someone is lying or not. Whenever, we need to find a liar in an investigation, the lie detector is the easiest one to do the job for us. It is a mechanical machine that detects inner part of someone, which tells us if he is telling the truth or not. If someone is not telling the truth, he must be nervous inside. A

lie detector or the polygraph test does the rest for us. It detects the nervousness of a person and indicates as a liar. For further help, you may contact us and we will provide a Private Investigator to help you.


A Scientific Machine

A lie detector is a scientific machine which contains probes to be hooked in the fingers. There is a strap sensing device to fit around the chest and abdomen. A person has to sit on the chair first. Then the probes are hooked up to three fingers on his or her left hand. The strapped sensing device is fitted against his or her chest and abdomen.


The Sensing Device

If a person is investigated in this situation, the sensing device would measure his or her heart beats and the other probes would measure his or her blood pressure. It helps the device to count the nervousness of the person. If the heart beat and the blood pressure of an individual is irregular, he or she must be telling a lie. Our Private Investigator always helps you finding this liar in your workplace or other investigations which require verification.


Misconception About Lie Detector

It is without a doubt, an incredible machine of this third world and mostly used in crime scene investigations and by the other law enforcement teams. But sometimes it is doubted that if it is telling the truth or not. But in several tests it is seen that in most cases it has showed the right answers. In a test, an examinee was asked to choose a number in between 1 to 7, he picked the number 4, then the examiner asked him about the number and he said no to every single number. Everyone knew, one of the answer was a lie. When the result came, they saw, when said no to the number 4, the graph was on the peak. From 3 the graph started going up, and after 4, the graph was down again. It shows how the detector detects the lie of a person. To have some expert advice on this you may consult our Private Investigator.

A lie detector does not only detects the change of blood pressure and heart beat, it also detects the high and low pitch of voice. The polygraph test is the ultimate solution for detecting criminals of a secret crime in recent days. You can contact us for a Private Investigator who can advise you in depth to fully understand ‘how does the polygraph work’.