When in need of a private investigator to help out with a lie detector test, a common question that comes to mind is “where can I get a lie detector test?” There are a lot of places to take a polygraph test in the UK and also internationally. These centres have experienced private investigators to help out with the exams. The only thing you would have to consider is the location in the UK that is convenient for you. You can be rest assured that there are available professional private investigators to conduct the lie detector test. We can’t wait to hear from you and work with you!

We guarantee quality polygraph testing any day with our licensed, accredited team of private investigators. There are many scam private investigators that promises to offer services “over-the-phone” or on the internet. Professional polygraph testing can only be conducted in person by private investigators. Obviously they would offer cheaper service cost in relation to professional services but there’s no worthy scientific backing on the effectiveness of voice stress technology.


Experience And Quality Training

In the same way you would not compromise on your health by visiting a faith based healer because it offers cheaper services but would go for a professional medical doctor. The reason for doing this is fairly simple; medical doctors have years of experience and quality training and are able to utilize modern technology. With all the advancement in technology, the polygraph machine remains the best technology for testing if an individual is telling the truth or not.

Unparalleled Quality Services

We have a team of highly trained, licensed private investigators that can be trusted to give services like no other. We also offer services that include:

  • Services till 9pm all days of the week (7 days)
  • All inclusive fees. No hidden extra fees to burden our clients
  • If required, we offer home testing services and can travel to your location
  • Confidentiality is our watchword
  • Appointments can be scheduled at short notice
  • Latest polygraph equipment are employed during testing

As a growing company, we have been able to provide test locations all over the UK. Because we understand our client’s needs, we have expanded our coverage areas and provided clients with our best private investigators for services. Unless where stated and type of investigation, our private investigator offer same cost price

Test results are often provided orally to clients after the test and accompanied by a written report to back up the oral results. These written reports and prepared with utmost secrecy and detailing to ensure client’s test are kept confidential.

Our private investigators are also available to offer field surveillance services when required. Using the latest photography and video gadgets available in the markets, we will search and find information for clients in the most professionally discreet way.

To know more about what we do and offer or schedule an appointment with us, you can visit us at our website or call us on our toll free number.