The demand for polygraph tests over the years has greatly increased. People sometimes see it as an only way to confirm whether something is true or not. This is a sad fact, as it proves that people tend to believe more to machines rather than to human beings. Companies have recognized the possibility of making a profit and today the polygraph test can be taken on a number of places for a certain price.

The procedure is fairly simple. First you must find a good examiner as one of the most important things about the polygraph test is reading of the results. If the examiner is not able to read the results properly then the entire testing is in vain. Once you make sure you have a good examiner everything else will go smoothly.


Three Phases Of Polygraph Test

You will need to provide a quiet room where the private investigator can interview the person who is taking the test. The entire procedure lasts about two to three hours depending on the nature of the testing, and it consists of three phases. The first phase is the pre-test interview. In this phase the private investigator gets a chance to get to know the person who is taking the test and they agree on the questions. During the testing there will be no hidden or trick questions. The private investigator will ask only those questions that were previously agreed. This is the longest phase of the testing and it can take up to 90 minutes. The second phase is the collection of charts. During this phase the person who is taking the test is connected to the machine. The machine will be monitoring the heartbeat, respiration, and skin conductivity. The private investigator will ask the questions several times and record the results. Once the private investigator gets the answers to all questions they will analyse the charts. After they finish the analyses they will be able to provide the final results of the test.


Yes-No Questions

Besides the common yes-no questions, there is also another way to formulate the questions. This format isn’t used that often but it can still be effective when trying to find out whether somebody is telling the truth or not. The format is based on multiple-choice questions where several answers are offered and there is only what that is true. When the private investigator reads the answer that is true, the machine will record higher reaction.



Certain companies offer their services in various languages, so if you are not an English speaker and you wish to take the test in another language that is also a possibility. It is very important that the person who is taking the test understands the questions and is able to provide comprehensive responds.



The accuracy of the polygraph test has long been a subject of discussion, as some claim it provides 98% accurate results, whereas other say the machine can be easily tricked. Regardless of the accuracy, you now know what to expect if somebody asks you to take a polygraph test.